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May 14, 2014

girl singinga singer comes for her lesson today

she wants to learn how to sing freely from her heart

I work with her, reminding her

of the truth of who she is

beauty, beauty, so beautiful… and FREE

she sings her songs, they are beautiful and free

she sings with her voice, and her voice is she

although not of her creation, the voice itself is free

her heart expresses the naked truth of who she is

even as she sings the words, “I am free”, long and high

the words crack and I see, in that moment, she doubts who she is

but her voice reflects the truth of who she is right now, so now she sees

how could she sing anything but the truth of this moment, here and now?

now she is free to see the truthfulness of her voice

free to be wrong, free to waver, free to doubt, free to fail

the voice does not lie; neither the sound, nor her heart

and in her awareness, she realizes the wholeness of who she is

the Truth sets her free

and she sings who she is

there is no other way to have a free voice

than to realize you are free

*Image courtesy of Imagerymajestic / FreeDigitalPhotos.net


freedom, love, self, voice

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  1. A few days after the above-described lesson, I received this from my student. With her permission, I quote her anonymously:

    “You might be surprised at how the fact that I am singing the truth of the moment has freed me. My spiritual journey has mirrored this physical transformation, as well.

    We, humans, can know things in our minds and intellects. We try to make the connection in order to know them in our hearts. The Alexander technique can give us the skills to know them in our bodies. Our bodies are a bridge from our minds to our hearts. It is beautiful to move thought this journey with intellect (mind), Faith (heart) and bodily awareness (Alexander Technique).”

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