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October 13, 2021
Your technique may be pretty fantastic already – but what do you do when your technique fails you – especially when you’re under pressure, when you need it most?
When your technique is lacking, it’s usually because something seems hard, requires more effort than you’d like, or it seems a bit out of reach, given your current circumstances or limitations.
There’s nothing worse than feeling like you CAN do something (it sounded great at home, didn’t it?!?), but when you’re on the hot-seat, you slip up and your body doesn’t deliver what you know you’re able to do. That feels so frustrating!!
Unfortunately, the more you practice, the harder you work, the more you push yourself to excel, the more you concentrate…
The more unreliable your technique becomes, because you’re practicing with increased, excess tension.
When you do that, especially when you’re under time pressure, your performance becomes more effortFULL instead of effortLESS; less spontaneous, less free, and less enjoyable.
You feel bad and judge yourself when your performance is below your own standards. You doubt whether your technique will ever be “good enough”, and whether you’ll ever be able to fully realize your potential as an artist.
Sound familiar? I think most musicians can relate to this scenario, so if it does, you’re not alone!
The problem is, if this is a common script to you, you probably have a BIG BLIND SPOT.
When you perceive a technical problem, you tend to think that the problem is in a specific place (your memory, your fingers, your arm, your rhythm, etc.), and you completely MISS the fact that inconsistent, effortful technique is a WHOLE-PERSON issue, not a “thing” that you can isolate and “fix”.
That might seem like a big, daunting problem, but don’t get overwhelmed!  Seeing the wide scope of the problem is actually a big blessing once you realize that it’s a systemic problem that can’t be solved by addressing parts on their own.
Seeing the problem as a holistic issue actually leads you to the perfect solution – because addressing the WHOLE of you (mind, body, emotions, and creative Spirit) is actually incredibly simple and easy!
…once you know how to do it.
I used to think I needed to practice long hours, and work really hard to get results. I would push myself to practice more even when I was tired, and I would repeat things over and over – just “to make sure” I was well-prepared.
But that kind of practicing led to burnout, pain, and frustration, as my progress seemed terribly slow and I wasn’t having much fun in the practice room. (In fact, I hated practicing even when I WAS getting results!!)
Everything changed when I found the Alexander Technique, way back in 2003. Suddenly, my neck pain disappeared, I had huge new reserves of energy, and I discovered a whole new way of looking at the world which allowed me to choose the EASY way to learn anything quickly, with excellence.
Best of all, my sense of curiosity and wonder woke up and I sky-rocketed up off of a slippery slope towards depression. I literally fell in love with LIFE again!
After three years of training to become a certified AT teacher, I created The Art of Freedom Method for conscious living and masterful artistry, which is based on the principles of the Alexander Technique, the practice of hands-free Primal Alexander, and incorporates my lifelong experience as a musician and serious meditator.
Because in order to do anything WELL with EASE, it’s absolutely essential to integrate every aspect of who you are, and to bring ALL of you to everything you do, with intelligent self-observation, Presence and lightness of being.
To improve your technique so that it becomes “rock solid”, free and effortless, you need to be able to understand how your thoughts are getting in your way and how they are throwing your body and emotions off course.
In addition, you need a way to bring yourself back to center, connecting your thinking with the movements your body needs to make, and you need to know EXACTLY how to practice doing this so that you can do it instantly, even when you’re onstage in front of thousands of people – with a critic in the front row!
Thankfully, we human beings are designed to do all of this easily, with lighting speed – naturally!
When we get out of the way and stop doing the things that slow us down, block our freedom, and make it harder to think in a way that is well-coordinated with our body, the “right thing” absolutely DOES do itself.
And your actions become truly effortless.
Effortless means EASY.
Do you want to learn the easy way? Why waste any more time practicing the old way and causing yourself to suffer pain in your mind, body, emotions, and spirit… when things are hard and your technique won’t work the way you want?
It’s time to stop and re-direct yourself back into the EASE of your natural design.
If you want a different result, you’ve got to take a risk and try something new.
Stop blaming your body, stop trying so hard, stop letting worry and anxiety take over…
And stop trying to control your technique.
Simply contact me now to learn more about The Art of Freedom® Method and ask me about my current offerings so we can see which program would be best for you. Message me here or email me at Jennifer@ArtofFreedom.me I look forward to hearing from you!


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