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July 20, 2021

You have a concert tomorrow. It’s time to go to sleep, but you’re worrying about your performance. You’ve had a lot of pain in your arms recently, and you just know it’s likely to be a problem again tomorrow.


When you wake up, it feels a little better. But as you go about your day, a sudden movement triggers the discomfort, and you worry about whether you’ll be able to get through the concert.


🏫 Once you arrive at the venue, you pretend everything’s fine, and you don’t tell anybody you’re hurting.


But you worry… will you be able to get through the concert without having to fake things or even stop? Will the music be compromised due to your work-arounds? Will people notice you’re not at your best? 😟


It’s really hard to look forward to the music. Even your performance anxiety is worse than usual since you don’t feel prepared because you haven’t been able to practice normally.


It’s so frustrating!!!


You’re really starting to wonder if there’s something seriously wrong with you…and now you’re worrying about surgery, and maybe the end of your career…. AYAYAY!!


🔥 Even if the problem is a real physical problem (like tendinitis or a torn rotator cuff), your biggest obstacle to a speedy recovery lies in your brain – in how you’re choosing to think.


💡Because what you focus on, you get more of. Every time.


👉 The more you focus on your pain and anticipate more pain happening in the future, the more you’re actually telling your brain and body to create more pain.


“Hold on! How DARE you imply that I’m creating my pain!!!”


Wait – I’m not saying that your pain isn’t real, or that it’s all in your head. And I am NOT saying that the pain is your fault!


However… yes, my friend… you are in fact exacerbating your pain, prolonging your recovery, and postponing your joy whenever you focus on the pain and predict a negative outcome.


🔥 What you THINK is what you GET.

🔥 And fear magnifies pain. 🔎


If you really want to overcome your pain and enjoy your music again sooner, you really need to STOP feeding your pain with the self-sabotaging habit of expecting and dreading it.


Actually, you already know your attitude isn’t exactly stellar, and you may have tried to improve your mindset in various ways.


In fact, you’ve pretty much tried whatever you can think of to calm yourself down and let go of the pain. But still, nothing has really been working, and nothing you’ve tried has gotten to the root of the problem.


*** What you really need is a comprehensive system that addresses your mindset WITH increased body awareness, so you’re addressing the BIG PICTURE all at once. This is the only way you’re going to be able to get to the root cause of why your pain isn’t going away and finally see noticeable improvement soon.


Without a simple, organized approach to self-observation and mind-body integration, trying to solve your problem with a haphazard, disconnected approach of mindset techniques or physical treatments is like hoping you hit the bulls-eye while throwing darts at a moving target – blindfolded!


You need to learn how to:


💥 Be present to your experience in the moment so you can recognize when your thinking is unhelpful


💥 Nip those negative, future-oriented thoughts in the bud. Take control over your mind before those thoughts have a chance to grow, take hold of you, and increase your tension, anxiety, and pain levels


💥 Open up to All-Possibility, with hope and trust in your brain-body’s own inner wisdom to heal


💥 Use your mind in a very specific way that integrates your mind with what’s going on in your body, so that you can have conscious, constructive control over your experience, from moment to moment


💥 Apply your WHOLE self to your music in a way that is free, creative, and focused on the music, allowing your energy to flow and your body to move naturally in response to your ideas


When you know the specifics of how to do all of these things, you’ll experience overall easing in your mind, body, and emotions. 🌈


➡️ Instead of constantly feeling your aches and pains and allowing your thoughts to snowball into worry and anticipation of more pain, which hijacks your music, you’ll have precise control over your mind to visualize and create a positive outcome.


➡️ You won’t be worrying about what other people think, because you’ll be focused on what YOU are thinking.


➡️ You’ll be able to let go and relax, because you know exactly what to do to care for yourself every day, by doing just a few minutes of simple yet powerful Awareness Etudes to orient your mind and body towards pain-free music-making.


➡️ You’ll be able to trust and take it easy, knowing that you’re heading in the right direction, and it will only be a matter of time before the pain disappears.


⭐⭐⭐ All of these things are outcomes that my students enjoy when they learn my Art of Freedom® Method, based on the practice of Primal Alexander™, a super-effective hands-free way to learn the Alexander Technique.


‘Tame that Pain NOW! Play Smarter and Feel Better in 30 Days’ is my new program that teaches you how to get to the root of your pain so you can recover faster and enjoy your music again sooner. All you need to do is message me now and tell me you’re interested. Or email me at Jennifer@ArtofFreedom.me. ✉️


I’ll ask you a few questions to see if this course is right for you, and then send you more details. Space is limited to give everyone the best experience, so message me now! Special bonuses for early registration! I look forward to chatting with you to help you overcome your pain SOON! ❤


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