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January 22, 2015

violinist jumping

You are free.
Right now.

There is no “I’ll be free tomorrow…if…”
There is no future – the future never arrives.  Ever.
We are ALWAYS in the present moment.
It is always now.

Do you want to feel more freedom in yourself,
in your life? Then think right now, “I am free,” with a free mind which is open to the possibility that this statement might be true.

Open up to the possibility that you might already be free, even if it doesn’t feel like it, for whatever reason.

Feeling is not the same as being, although your being includes feeling.
We are human beings.
Pay attention to your being.

Human beings have free will.
Not sure?
Try it out.

You are free to think, “I am free,” with an open mind, if you wish.
Or not.

What does it feel like if you think, “I’m not free?”  Try it out.
Think “I’m not free” for awhile, as you go about your activities.
Think about all the ways you might believe that you aren’t free.

Then notice how you feel.
Do you feel free after thinking “I’m not free” for awhile?
Or do you feel just a bit less free?

Now try out these words again: “I am free.”
Play with them. Make it a game. Be curious.  Wonder.
Stay open to the possibility that it might be true.

Try it out.

You are free to try it out.
Or not.

That’s because you’re free.

Thoughts on this, anyone?
I’d love to hear what you think.
And yes, you’re free to think whatever you want.
Or not.

That’s because you’re free.

To be think or not think…whatever you want.
To feel or do or move…or not…as you wish.
Right now.

You are free
To be exactly as you are, who you are,
Right now.

I smile because in this freedom I find joy.

May you also find this freedom
and experience your joy! 🙂


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