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November 29, 2020
? As a musician, you already know this about practicing… but maybe you’re not applying it to your career.
You already know that you get better at what you practice – every single time. Whatever you repeat multiple times, improves.
The problem is, you also get better at doing things WRONG – if that’s how you practice. 
Alexander Technique violin
For example…
? What happens if you practice with a lot of tension?
You get better at playing with a lot of tension, and your body gets stiff.
? What happens if you practice with a self-critical attitude? You get really good at criticizing yourself and making yourself feel bad.
? What happens if you practice with poor posture?
Your posture gets worse.
? And… What happens if you practice the wrong notes every day? You end up getting so good at playing wrong notes, you could even play them in your sleep!
You KNOW this already. ?
What you might not realize, though, is that it’s the same process with everything you do!
What you focus on, you get more of. What you bring to your attention expands.
How well are you applying this to your daily life? What are you actually focusing on?
– Tension or ease?
– Worry or joy?
– Struggle or success?
The secret to thriving and enjoying a successful music career during covid-19 is NOT pushing yourself to do more and work harder…
…it’s NOT burying your head in the sand or distracting yourself in order to outwit reality (although there’s nothing wrong with Netflix or baking!).
alexander technique teacher music
…and it’s NOT forcing yourself to learn tons of new technology and struggling to get control over your life.
Straining your brain and your body, trying to go in 5000 directions at once will just wear you out. ?
Frenetic activity will make you feel more worried and anxious, too.
If you rush around all day feeling stressed, you’ll get really good at feeling stressed and believe you never have enough time. If you’re constantly multi-tasking, you’ll get really good at feeling scattered, overworked, and unfocused.
And if you push yourself to do work you don’t like, you’ll get really good at not liking your work and feeling unsuccessful.
Seriously… driving yourself crazy doesn’t work!
The solution?
? What DOES work, and what takes you steadily and successfully towards your goals, is approaching this new situation in an unexpected, new way that might seem counterintuitive, but which is actually quite logical.
You’ve got to get really clear on what you DO want, and practice THAT as much as possible, every single day.
? Want to enjoy your work? Enjoy it NOW.
? Want more time to practice? Make that time NOW.

? Want to get better at technology and feel like you know what you’re doing? Master just one baby step at a time, make it easy, and decide to enjoy every minute – with a curious spirit of adventure!

However, it might be far from obvious to you HOW to practice all of these things right now!
If you’re NOT consistently…

⭐️ Clear on what your goals are,

⭐️ Enjoying your daily work from home,

⭐️ Enthusiastic about learning new technology and making it work for you,

⭐️ Able to make more time for practicing the music you love….
Then you could probably use some help! ?
That’s why I’ve created this comprehensive program that helps you practice the key elements that will shift your approach, so you can actually achieve these results with ease.
In The Musician’s Advantage™ coaching program, the first thing we do together in our initial Strategy Session is discuss your unique purpose, your dreams, vision, and goals. We look at all areas of your life that you’d like to shed more light on, and we make a plan to shift things in a more positive direction, in a way that takes the hurry and stress out of your activities, while increasing your focus, effectiveness, and joy.
No, it’s not “hard” work to focus on what you want! It’s inspiring and do-able to take simple steps that take you steadily in the direction of what you want. It’s exciting, and it’s fun – because you can see – and FEEL – the progress working for you on Day 1.
? Can you imagine waking up in the morning, feeling inspired and ready to take action on just 3 things that you know will take you closer to your dreams?
? What if you started to feel more energized, more graceful, healthier, and happier… just from doing a few minutes of Awareness Etudes twice a day?
? And what if you suddenly started to play with more confidence, ease, and improved technique – without even trying?
That’s actually something that one of my clients just reported to me a few days ago: she hadn’t practiced her instrument for days, but she was doing the Awareness Etudes I’d given her daily.
When she finally got out her violin, to her great surprise, her bow wasn’t shaking the way it was before. Her nerves were calmer, and her sound was better. How could that be?!? ?
She wasn’t taking beta blockers, and she wasn’t practicing… yet, she was relaxing her mind-body-self and her technique was improving!
This happens to my clients all the time, because they learn how to work with ease and be more successful with less effort.
Are you ready to apply this kind of thinking to your musical life and career, too? So that you can really focus, put more of your energy into fewer things, and get better results effortlessly?
If you want to learn how, you can. I’d love to teach you how to do this. I have two more openings for The Musician’s Advantage program right now. If you want details, just private message me so I can send you an initial questionnaire to determine how I can help you best. Let’s get started! ?


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