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May 13, 2024

There’s been so much in the news over the years (and all too recently) about women in music finding themselves in unhealthy, sometimes emotionally or physically abusive, relationships with music teachers, colleagues, conductors, employers, etc…, but who quietly endure unacceptable behavior and its aftermath, for many reasons.

🕊️ Sometimes, these women are young and innocent, unsure of their role and ignorant of what is truly acceptable behavior and what is not.

🕊️ Sometimes, these are mature women who have achieved incredible heights of success, and who don’t want to risk losing their hard-won jobs or their privacy by speaking out.

🕊️ Sometimes, these are women who dropped music long ago because of an unpleasant relationship with a music teacher that instilled fear, anxiety, worry, self-doubt, shame, and more…and who are now seeking a way back to their original love of music without all the pain.

For many of those who didn’t drop out of music, their playing has been marked by excessive tension, performance anxiety, and even physical pain, because they were learning their instruments in an unsafe environment that created an association in their brains between music and fear.

As a violinist and coach, I’ve heard many, many stories over my lifetime from women who learned music in a less-than-loving environment, or who are currently in an unpleasant work environment and are being negatively impacted by the fallout from those problematic relationships.

Thankfully, I’ve been gifted with the practical skills and compassion to help them overcome the resultant frustration with their performance, blocked technique, performance nerves, and physical pain or discomfort that’s holding them back.

A few women I’ve helped achieve significant breakthroughs immediately come to mind:

* The student who had a horribly negative male teacher in her teens, who kept telling her she didn’t have what it takes and she’d never make it in music. (Actually this was more than one student.)

* The conservatory student whose orchestra conductor would loom over her from behind during rehearsals and scream at the orchestra that they weren’t good enough, filling her with anxiety.
* The professional violinist who for years endured belittling disrespect and hypercritical comments from her male conductor and a male colleague who treated her like a child.
* The highly skilled college student whose (famous) piano teacher was emotionally abusive, yelling at her and making her terrified to play for anyone… to the point of almost quitting.

* The conservatory student who looked at me with a long blank stare when I brought up the idea of playing with JOY, because she was completely unable to connect the concept of JOY to playing the violin. She’d never wanted to play an instrument at all; it was her parents that forced her to practice 5 hours a day and move to a foreign country by herself to attend a music conservatory to become a professional musician.

Having coached women in music for many years, I’ve heard many stories of unhealthy relationships that have drained the joy out of both life and music for these women.

And yet, I’ve been so incredibly heartened to see how QUICKLY these women bounce back, when given the right environment and appropriate teachings. 🌈

Because, despite all of the abuse, these highly sensitive women are still connected to the innocent, beautiful, other-worldly, ideal Beauty, Love, and Joy that is still very much alive within their hearts, albeit buried under surface facades that range from hardness, stoic strength, and perfectionism… to sweet, yielding, lovely people-pleasers who just want to make music, be good and do good… and finally feel really good about themselves as human beings and artists.

If you’re a woman in music and you know you’re suffering from the effects of an unhealthy relationship (or relationships) in your life – whether this is happening now or it happened 40 years ago – and you know it’s causing the quality of your life and your music to suffer…

…listen up!

There’s hope! 🙂

The mind-body awareness skills I teach my coaching students helps you to let go of the old stuff – and how you’re thinking about all of it – as well as reactions to things going on in your current relationships.

Better music and better relationships will automatically follow once you understand how to take care of your mind-body-self and heal your life from the inside out.

When you know how to access the easing, loving flow that is within you, you start to release excess tension, anxiety, fear, worry, and everything else that’s getting in the way of playing your best for yourself and the world.

So you can stride onstage like a queen that everyone else will wait for, free of performance anxiety and worry about making mistakes, and without needing to get everything right; in touch with your True Self, ready to shine your Love & Light on the world. (Because – boy, does the world need that!!)

By the way, even the woman I mentioned above who had never had a concept of musical joy was able to find it within just a few weeks of working with me. That’s when I saw her smile a real smile for the very first time. The sun was shining bright in my studio that day! 🙂

If you’re a self-identifying woman interested in a very unique way to make much better music by learning how to find more ease in all of your relationships – starting with the relationship you have with yourself, your music, and your instrument – just send me a private message, or comment “YES” below and I’ll get in touch with you.

It’s time to finally feel better, and play better, don’t you think?

With Love ❤


p.s. When you reach out to me, please know that everything you share with me will always be kept confidential. You can send me a private message here, email me at Jennifer@ArtofFreedom.me.


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