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May 15, 2024
Have you ever noticed how much harder it is to concentrate and play your best after you’ve had an argument with your spouse, an uncomfortable misunderstanding with your stand partner, or when the conductor directing your ensemble makes a habit of being sarcastic, yelling, and intimidating the musicians?

So much of our lives revolve around relationships. And making music is one of the most challenging ways to communicate with others, since it requires us to be vulnerable and share the most intimate regions of our hearts with everyone around – both strangers and people we know very well.

When we’re not feeling safe, our brain does what’s logical: it organizes our system to do whatever it takes to protect us from harm.

In short, we go on alert, into a “Startle” pattern (or “fight-flight-freeze-fawn” response), so that we’re on the lookout, hyper-attuned to potential dangers. One way we do this is to put up physical and emotional barriers to keep us from feeling pain.

The problem is, when our system goes into a startle pattern, we’re preventing ourselves from feeling the full extent of our emotions. Which is OK up to a point – because then we don’t have to feel the pain of negative emotions triggered by events and people around us.

Unfortunately, this reaction also blocks out positive, constructive, and loving feelings, too. Which doesn’t really work when you’re onstage, wanting to be yourself onstage, performing passionate music at your best.

The tension created by blocking out painful emotions also blocks out pleasurable feelings, and the physical tension makes it harder for your body to relax and feel good while making music.

It becomes harder for you to feel the FULL RANGE of emotions inside the music you want to express, and you aren’t able to get them across to your audience the way you WANT to feel them.

When your system is blocked by tension, it’s also harder to move your body in a way that flows with the music. It’s harder to move and be moved, and it’s harder to move your audience.

What you need to learn is how to recognize:

* when your system is reacting to events or people around you;

* that your reaction is not just emotional; the effects are also physical, mental, and spiritual;
* that your internal reactions are affecting the quality of your music.


You need to learn how to nip this in the bud in a way that is FAST and EFFECTIVE – on the spot, whenever it happens, onstage and everywhere.


You need to know exactly how to PRACTICE doing this, because reacting to things with a startle pattern is normal, but coming out of startle quickly and easily is a SKILL that needs to be (1) learned (technically, you need to UN-learn your habit of staying blocked and stuck); and (2) practiced, so that you can build up the necessary neural network (new habit) in your brain that allows you to LET GO, release tension, “get over” how you feel about things, including worrying how other people are thinking and feeling.

It’s a SKILL, and it needs to be PRACTICED.

If you’re aware that challenges in your musical or personal relationships are causing you to stay stuck, unable to fulfill your real potential as an artist, unable to play your best onstage, unable to express yourself freely and authentically in front of other people…

I highly recommend that you reach out to me ASAP to inquire about my online programs that will teach you these things.

And if you’re a woman, you’re really in luck – because I’m starting a NEW program with extra support that’s designed especially for you.

My 5-week program, “Relaxed Confidence, Joy, and Authentic Self-Expression for Women in Music” (RCW) begins very soon!

RCW includes:

* My Level 1 Self-Study Course, “The Musician’s Advantage”
* 1 Private Coaching Session with me
* Private Membership Community with optional live classes

OPTIONAL Group Sessions include:

*3 Live Seminars for Women, with expert teachings & discussion;
* 6+ Live Group “Strategy & Support” and “Awareness Etudes & Games” sessions
* All sessions are recorded and completely confidential

Registration closes MAY 24th, with Early Bird discount & bonuses going away on May 20th, so hurry and claim your spot! This new program will be small and intimate, confidential and super-supportive, so space is limited.

Just send me a private message or an email. Or comment “INFO” if you want me to contact you. I look forward to connecting with you soon, and helping you THRIVE as a musician and woman with relaxed confidence, joy, and authentic self-expression in everyday life and onstage.

You CAN overcome the blockages you’re experiencing in reaction to things and people in your life, and I’m really excited to teach you the foolproof steps to get you there!

With Love,

Jennifer 😊

p.s. Reach out ASAP to claim your spot and get the bonuses! Early registration ends May 20th; regular registration ends May 24th. Just send me a message, comment below, or send me an email at jennifer@artoffreedom.me.


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