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April 17, 2020

If silence is golden, then what is music? Music is like magical light-sparks that bring silence to life! 

Music is a wonderful, truly beautiful thing… It wakes us up and connects us to ourselves and the rest of humanity. Sound is how we make sense of the silence.

[Watch today’s live video, where I discuss the importance of music in this trying time and how it can help.] 


In our current crazy COVID-19 state of affairs, more of us – now more than ever – are isolated from each other. In all this time that we have alone at home, we’re finding we need to draw upon multiple resources to stay well in mind, body, and spirit. We need resources of all kinds – spiritual, physical, mental, relational, and creative. Music fills so many of those needs!

Music has been proven to be a great stress reliever – something as simple as a search on Google for “music” and “stress relief” or “healing” can bring up so many results. Whether you're a musician or not, music is one of the biggest ways people release and unwind from stress. Both of my kids, for instance, always turned to music to bring them more ease when doing their homework, or while riding in the car, or out for walks. They're both in college now, working toward musical careers, because music will always have a central role in their lives.

Music is uplifting, but it's more than just uplifting. It is healing, in the most comprehensive sense of the word. It can help balance the positive and negative emotions we have. It can help us pull away from the verbal clog in our heads – the constant mess of thoughts running through our minds all day long. On the one hand, silence is a golden key for calming the mind. But music is especially good for taming those thoughts and tapping into the hidden wisdom within us that we can't truly understand with our conscious, thinking minds.

Music can help us know ourselves more deeply than through verbal thought. With the simple flip of a song, our mood can change. It can be a very useful tool to know which kinds of music are helpful for each of us personally, and when to use them – almost as if notes, keys, and musical pieces were medicine. In fact, many traditional cultures have always thought of music in this way. 

Music allows you to come back to yourself, absorbed in your experience of the moment, and tap into your inner healing resources. Most of us are experiencing heightened emotions and anxiety right now, as we are separated from our old “normal” state of being, and everything we thought we knew is now somehow different. Feelings are amplified in ways we don't entirely understand. But if we’re open to exploring and learning, curious about how we can grow and adapt and over time, we can come to understand, process, and appreciate our feelings better through music.

So many musicians are struggling in this trying time of coronavirus, with cancelled performances, workshops, and other events. Things can feel particularly challenging without our usual habits to lean on, and it can be easy to let self-doubt, fear, and worry take over. 

But… what if… instead of seeing this crazy time in a negative light, you could decide to make the most of this time at home, and discover what you can learn about yourself and your music-making, on a deeper level than you’ve been able to for a long time? 

Hopefully, finding yourself with all this additional time in your schedule all of a sudden can spark within you a fresh curiosity to improve.

In order to help and inspire musicians through the pandemic, I'm offering my Art of Freedom® Jumpstart Package at a huge 50% discount. This is a truly innovative and transformational way to get back in touch with what’s essential and build yourself up again on solid foundations, based on universal mind-body-spirit and artistic principles. It’s a way to improve artistry, skills, and technique…. heal from injury… overcome performance anxiety… and build life-long connections with yourself and other musicians like you.  

If you’re curious, just reach out to me and I'll send you all the details, along with a special limited-time-only coupon code.  Maybe the Art of Freedom® is precisely what you've always been looking for!


Jennifer xo


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