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August 18, 2020

Everyone is talking about authenticity these days – it’s just everywhere! Even in the stores on magazine covers you see things like, “How to be Your True Self.” Everyone wants to be authentic and that’s a great thing! But…how do you do it…and why is it important?

In today’s video, I discuss why it’s so important for artists to be authentic.

Authenticity is at the heart of everything that I do and it’s been like that since I can remember.

When I was little, my father used to tell me so often, “Jennifer, just be yourself!” and I took that very seriously. It’s great advice, and I’m so thankful my father told me that while I was young!

Since he told me that, I’ve spent my whole life trying to figure out HOW to be myself – fully and authentically – both as a musician and non-musician.

Watch the video here:

To be “authentic”: Be yourself, know yourself, love yourself, and share yourself.

To be authentic means to be true to ourselves and others. We have to be honest, trust ourselves and others, appreciate ourselves, be grateful for feedback, and have courage.

We have to get any unnecessary thinking or mental chatter out of the way as much as possible to allow for artisitic Inspiration to come through and to really get in touch with our deepest self. When you can get in touch with that and then add on a musical instrument, paintbrush, or another object- something very special happens that makes you feel alive and light up.

To be able to express the TRUTH of who you are in this way is such a gift! SO wonderful!

Authenticity is the art of living and being – and expressing that through your actions by recognizing who you are in the moment, appreciating your experience, and expressing that experience.

When you communicate with your true self and then express that in your art, it helps your art come alive and connect on a deep level with others.

Being authentic is good for the soul – and even for your physical health! You can be happier, have less stress, be less prone to depression, have better focus, memory, and brainpower. (What more could make you want to be authentic?)

It’s not always, though…. Fear of the unknown and unexpected, fear of what others might think, anxiety, social conditioning, lack of support, low self-esteem, and perfectionism are all things that can block us from being authentic.

What does it mean to be truly authentic to YOU?
I would love to hear what you think, comment below and let me know!

With love,

p.s. Want to become more inspired, creative, and true to yourself? Contact me – I’d love to help and be there to support you!



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