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October 2, 2014

What is the foolproof key to creating a huge sound?  The key is to know that your sound reflects who you are.  So if you want to create your best possible sound, one which can project to the furthest reaches of the universe (I’m only slightly exaggerating! ;), you must accept to be fully, truly, wholly yourself – and choose to create your sound from that YOU. What do I mean, exactly?  And how is this done?

Quite simply, if you want a huge sound, you must know that you are huge!

You must be aware that you have a being and a heart so grand, so infinitely large, which is designed to share the beautiful Essence of who you are with others.  You must be devoted to this understanding of yourself above all else. And you really ARE huge – just think of the incredible smallness in the microscopic world of atoms and beyond…

At the same time, you must not DO anything to make yourself larger than you actually are; in fact, it is impossible to do so because in trying to make yourself larger you will actually contract muscles and make them smaller.  You cannot make the infinite larger than it is, and you can not make yourself more than who you are.

The paradox is that we are also infinitely small.  Just think for a moment… how tiny are we in the grand scheme of things, in the face of infinite stars and galaxies that travel forever into endless space?  We are incredibly, incredibly small.

So be aware of your smallness, too.  You don’t have to make yourself small – in fact, don’t! – your sound will suffer and reflect that!  In being aware of your human smallness, you will also find your natural humility.  You don’t have to round your shoulders forward and collapse your chest to be humble and aware of your smallness before the Grand Everything!

You are already small.  You are NATURALLY SMALL.  Watch this video to begin to grasp how we are both infinitely small and infinitely huge:

From Infinitely Big to Infinitely Small

Your smallness “does itself” – it already is.  Your largeness “does itself” – it already is.

Sooo…. just be yourself, humble in your awareness of your natural place in the universe, in between the infinitely huge and the infinitely small, and part of both.  Live in the middle, and open up to who you are.

When you play with this expanded awareness that opens you up in both directions – into hugeness and smallness – you can rest in your center, and take up the rightful space that you occupy with your body-mind-self. This way, you can stop trying to make your sound bigger, stop puffing up your ego, and stop preventing yourself from growing into your space by trapping your heart-sound inside of you.

Let go of the muscular tension that makes you smaller than you are, and your sound will be free to reflect the hugeness that you are.

This is THE KEY.  An Alexander Technique teacher can help enormously with helping you embody this awareness and take it into your musical sound.

Stop blocking the grandness of your Essence, and let your true sound emerge through your instrument.  Your instrument is perfectly obedient and will do a very good job reflecting how you think about yourself (this is why a great musician can even make a child’s instrument sound amazing). When you think too much of yourself or too little, your sound will be choked because you are not being yourself.  So stop all of that; instead, free yourself to free your sound.

Just BE.

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