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January 23, 2020

Hi! Some of my students have recently asked me about the best way to sit or stand when playing their musical instruments. In response, I’ve created a couple of live videos on the topic. You can watch them on YouTube or on my facebook page.

The Best Way to Stand:

Watch on FB:

Regarding the standing video, here are a couple ergonomic tips to help you improve how you stand, so that you can be more at ease when you play your instrument – or even as you stand doing the dishes or talking to a friend:

Ergonomic Tip #1: Let your legs be hip or shoulder width apart, so you have a more stable and powerful base to stand on. Don’t stand with your feet together!

Ergonomic Tip #2: Let your knees be slightly bent. Don’t lock your knees!

(See more tips based on The Art of Freedom below!)

The Best Way to Sit:

Watch on FB: https://www.facebook.com/mindbodyviolin.me/videos/vl.1049302785246131/3151856138161088/?type=1

If you want to go deeper and start accessing more FLOW as you play, ask yourself these questions based on the 5 Pillars of The Art of Freedom as you explore either sitting or standing:

Pillar #1: PURPOSE
Why am I sitting/standing here? What’s my DEEPER “why”?

Pillar #2: MIND
What is my state of mind? What am I thinking and how does that affect how I’m sitting?

Pillar #3: BODY
What do I notice about my body as I’m sitting here? Without trying to change myself, what’s ACTUALLY happening right now?

Pillar #4: SPIRIT
How can I bring Spirit into my sitting/standing? How does my connection with Spirit influence whether I’m able to “stand my ground” or not?

Pillar #5: THE MUSIC
How does my understanding of, or my emotional response to, the music affect how I’m sitting/standing?

You may not notice at first how thinking about these things influences how you sit/stand/play… but I guarantee that you’ll start shifting things if you start getting curious – WITHOUT trying to change your posture.

What’s the next step? Do TheCyCle and see what happens to how you’re sitting/standing. Watch the video and take my 5-Day “Best Warmup” Challenge here: http://bit.ly/bestwarmupchallenge

Now, come on over to my facebook group and tell us about how YOU feel when you sit or stand when you play. Do you have more suggestions that might be helpful to others? Do my suggestions help?

Let me know in the comments below, too – I look forward to hearing from you!

Happy Practicing!
Jennifer xo

p.s. I’d love to get your comments below! Are you in touch with your Muse these days? What’s it like when you are, and when you’re not?

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  1. At first I liked the idea of “stand my ground,” but then noticed some tension associated with it. It felt rigid and vulnerable, like having to be right. The thought came to me that I’m more at ease thinking of standing on the truth and principles that I know to be right and true. That takes some of the burden off of me and is still standing on truth and righteousness, which I believe is stronger than me.

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