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May 31, 2015

Like so many people, I love to be in the company of like-minded, like-hearted friends. Community makes me happy!

Alexander Technique Cincinnati Musicians
Exploring the audience's freedom to help the performer feel free. Gotenba, Japan 5/15

Sharing our difficulties, learning together, celebrating our successes, and marveling with awe whenever pure Beauty shows up in unexpected moments and unexpected places is so gratifying.

In order to enjoy more of this, I've decided to open up my exclusive Art of Freedom Village for Musicians online facebook community to include more people like you. So, please read on until the bottom of this post for more information on how to join!

One of the reasons I love teaching so much is because the learning environment is an ideal one in which to be surrounded by people of like interest. You, my dear reader, are already part of my online learning community, and I'm very happy you're here!

Today, I'd like to ask you a question: What is your passion?

If your answer surfaced quickly and easily, you're very lucky to have this clarity about yourself. Now, look a bit deeper… what is a deeper, more fundamental passion that might be supporting that from underneath?

A grand passion of mine is to help inspire you (as a musician and otherwise) to really BE YOURSELF – onstage, in the practice room, while you're teaching… as much as possible, with love and joy. I've been working on this life-long project of BEING MYSELF for so many years already; of course, the learning continues, as Life is always serving me more and greater challenges, just as it does for everyone.

One of the purposes of this blog is to share my journey with you, in the hopes that what I'm learning along the way may encourage and inspire you to overcome your own challenges in learning how to be fully yourself, fulfilling your natural design and your real potential, with love and beyond fear. To that end, my blogposts are sometimes pretty personal, and are likely to become more so as long as I continue along this Alexander Technique path of opening up to and sharing who I am for our mutual benefit.

Now, tell me about yourself!

I want to get to know you better!  I'm interested in hearing from you if there are topics you'd like me to write about. What are you struggling with? What keeps you up at night? What are your biggest challenges right now, as a musician, or simply as a human being? In which areas of your life do you wish you could experience more freedom?

I invite you to start your explorations with the first question I asked above, “What is your passion?” and share your answer below (or private message me if you prefer). I'm sure that many of us share the same enthusiasms! And if you're shy about commenting, maybe this is part of your own journey – giving you an opportunity to work on opening up and sharing, yourself!

An Invitation to Join my Online Community to Learn Along with Me and to Practice Opening Up to Yourself and Others!

If you'd like to join in my facebook community, I invite you to FIRST sign up for my free 5-day email seminar here: FREE 5-day email seminar: Introduction to The Art of Freedom.

Once you've done that, you will be eligible to request your free membership in The Art of Freedom Village for Musicians online community through facebook. Here's the link to join our growing community: The Art of Freedom Village for Musicians. This group is the ideal place to ask me questions, share insights, breakthroughs, difficulties, and musings about The Art of Freedom and the Alexander Technique. Non-musician performers are also welcome; feel free to invite others you think might be interested. The only requirement is that members must have signed up for my email seminar and/or taken a class or workshop with me.

Why not sign up right NOW? I look forward to seeing you there! In the meantime… post your passion below! 🙂


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