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October 14, 2015

Life can seem so complicated sometimes!!  Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a magic pill to simplify everything and make everything easier?!? Well, there is one, believe it or not. It’s called Non-Doing.

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This key idea, central to the Alexander Technique, can help free us from over-complexity by reminding us to live and move in and from the simplicity of our Being-ness. Whether your goal is to play the viola or to talk with a friend or to write a book, everything gets easier when you’re doing it with fundamental awareness of your Being, practicing Non-Doing.

So what IS this Non-Doing?!

For a long time, I found this the most difficult aspect of the Alexander Technique to explain. But today, I am finding it very simple. Well, not exactly simple to “EXPLAIN”… but not difficult to convey.

Now, whether you receive what I’m conveying or not is not entirely up to me, since communication is a two-way street. But, if you’re game to listening to what I have to say about Non-Doing, and open up to discovering it for yourself, then please read on!  

Before we start, can you commit to giving yourself the time to fully embody the following ideas? Can you let the mental thoughts permeate the physical one at a time, so that they can transport you into one fulfilling experience of your entire Being?






The blank, white page of the screen, or a book, or a piece of music… before the black dots are written on it

The pre-music of silence, free of noise

The quietude within the body before muscles are tensed

The stillness of the space around and within us before movement occurs

The quiet, the silence, and the stillness that is STILL HERE, even while notes or words or sounds or movement are superimposed on it





The bliss of Pure Being

The witnessing of each action as it happens, within and around us, all the time 

These are just some of the thoughts that can evoke a sense of Non-Doing for me. And here are some of my favorite, most useful “magic phrases” to help me access this state:

“I don’t have to do anything.”

“I have time.”

“I am free.”

The Alexander Technique helps us to access this beautiful and blessed state of Non-Doing, returning us to the natural design of our Being, and it and it teaches us how to move and live in the world from this Non-Doing state of Being.  

From here, we can trust everything to happen freely and spontaneously as necessary, and we can learn to love and accept it all, while remaining free – entirely detached and centered within ourselves.

Has this post helped you understand and experience a taste of Non-Doing? I’d love to hear your comments on these ideas, so feel free to use the comment section below! I look forward to hearing from you! 🙂

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