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March 14, 2024

What if you could feel so amazing performing onstage that you’d give yourself goosebumps EVERY TIME?

Yes, that’s actually possible! 🙂 Not only that, to experience that level of flow and joy while making music is a specific skill. And that means it’s something you can learn.

You probably already get goosebumps sometimes when you play, because you’re an excellent musician already. Your technique is good, and you know how to be musical and express yourself to your audience.

And yet, you might not be able to access a flow state whenever you want, no matter what the circumstances are (even if somebody just yelled at you backstage!), every time you perform.

If you’re like most performers, you have pre-performance routines and rituals that work pretty well for you most of the time… and you can still play well enough even if you just rushed onstage at the last minute because you misplaced your dress shoes and happened to hit traffic on the way to the venue. You’re good at what you do, and you know how to be prepared.

But then…

You have an “off-day” when you do everything “right” and you start playing as usual, but everything feels WRONG. Your instrument just doesn’t sound right, you make a little mistake (that nobody but you noticed), and suddenly, you’re nervous for NO REASON.

You scramble to get your mind focused and back onto the notes your playing… you try to get in sync with your colleagues… you try to feel the music more deeply…

…but nothing works, and things just don’t feel right tonight. You’re shaking inside, your fingers don’t move like they’re supposed to because of an added layer of tension you can’t let go of, and you feel like a total imposter!

Not only that, but you remember that you’ve been feeling physically sore and tired lately. Maybe an old injury is bugging you again… or maybe your neck and shoulders are calling for more attention than usual.

When a performance goes like this, wouldn’t it be amazing if you didn’t need to go running to the massage therapist, the chiropractor, or your therapist to help you gear up for the next performance…

…and instead, you wouldn’t have “off-days” like this anymore in the first place?

Because you’ve learned EXACTLY what to do every day (for just a few minutes) to take care of your whole self in a way that keeps your mind clear and focused, your body relaxed and flexible, your mood resilient and positive, so your performance free and fearless – no matter what else is going on in your life!

What if you could look forward to every single performance with excitement… full of wonder about the fresh new ways that the music was going to EXPRESS ITSELF through you tonight – with effortless ease and JOY?

What if you could look forward to getting goosebumps EVERY TIME, because YOU are in control of your experience?

I’m a performer. I’ve won competitions and performed on some of the world’s most illustrious stages, with top-notch colleagues.

I know what it takes – mentally, physically, and emotionally – to put yourself out there in front of educated, expert audiences who can actually discern the truth of what you’re doing in minute detail.

Colleagues, critics, people you respect and admire.

The kind of vulnerability required of performers in order to make great music can be really scary.

But you CAN do this with ease and joy. You DO have what it takes to rise above your circumstances, take the bull by the horn, and share what you’ve got in a way that will knock ANYONE’s socks off!

And you can feel GREAT about doing it – WHILE you’re doing it. Without all the physical and emotional pain of pretending that the internal “Doubt-Monsters” that are constantly whispering to you that you’re “not good enough” aren’t throwing you off.

You CAN learn how to do this reliably, so you have effortless ease on call and at your literal fingertips whenever you want to give your best performance yet.

Because conquering the Doubt-Monsters, knowing exactly what to do before a performance, and having the mind-body awareness, skills and composure to let go and let the music FLOW while you’re in the moment, so you can feel the full-bodied chills and thrills of AUTHENTIC musical expression…

…accessing all of this with reliable consistency, performance after performance, night after night…

…truly is a skill that is learnable – but all too rarely understood and taught (I bet nobody taught you this when you were in music school!) – even though it’s NOT difficult to learn.

In fact, this skill is exquisitely simple and natural.

It’s already in you, but you don’t know how to access it consciously yet. That’s why you have “off-days” and can’t figure out why. It FEELS like you’re “off” for no good reason, but that’s not actually the case.

In fact, there is a very good reason things aren’t working that’s clear and simple – you just haven’t been shown what it is yet. But once you see it, you’ll get it, and you can cultivate the solution with more conscious awareness and greater ease every day.

I know this because I’ve learned how to do this for myself, and I can do it – onstage and everywhere – whenever I want. And I’ve taught it to many, many musicians before you, and YOU can learn it, too.

With just a few minutes of daily Awareness Etudes practiced with clear intentions, appropriate mindset, and sufficient understanding of what you’re doing and why…

…you will be stunned by how easy it is to let go in mind and body, so your creative spirit can fly with the music, and let those goosebumps move both you and your audience – whenever you want.

If this sounds inspiring, and you know you want to break through what’s stopping you from FULLY enjoying your performances, so you can play at your best with consistent ease, excellent technique, spontaneous musicality and joy…

…then don’t wait to learn The Art of Freedom® Method and touch-free Alexander Technique. It’s all in there.

Reach out to me if you’re fed up with subpar performances that leave you feeling mediocre instead of stellar. I have a great program for you that could solve this problem for you in six months or less. Why wait any longer?

With Love & Enthusiasm,


p.s. Just use the form on the contact page to get in touch, or send me an email to Jennifer@ArtofFreedom.me, and we’ll have a chat about what’s possible for you as a performer!


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