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April 25, 2024

I didn’t get into the orchestra and I didn’t win the competition… even though I’d done everything right.

I was obsessed with the violin and I practiced for hours every day. I went to exclusive summer courses, went to great schools, and I had the best teachers in the world.

Even though a lot of things were going well, too… I absolutely believed I just needed to keep practicing more and work even harder to become the super-successful violinist I dreamed I could be.

What I didn’t know until after I’d pretty much dropped my solo career, got married and had kids, and devoted decades to meditation and other self-help methods…

…was that I’d gotten it all wrong.

👉🏻 I was way too impatient and over-focused on results

👉🏻 I had no understanding of how powerful my thoughts are, and how the mind and body are designed to work together as a unified whole

👉🏻 I didn’t realize that what was really missing was a powerful inner strength and confidence that no teacher or hard work or wood-shedding with my instrument could ever solve.

I really needed to change just three things:

1. Stop thinking in ways that were getting in my way and creating lots of subtle tension and anxiety

2. Bring my whole self to my violin playing with curiosity and creativity for effortless learning and efficient practice

3. Get better at observing what I was doing with my mind and body in the present moment, free of judgment

Add to that – learn to trust my Inner Teacher and love bringing my authentic self to EVERYTHING I do – not just my music!

If you’re ready for a radically new approach that can totally transform how you think about playing the violin, dramatically improve your practice and performance, and empower you to live a happier, more impactful life… don’t waste any more time over-thinking, practicing the wrong things, and looking for answers in places that will only give you partial solutions.

Instead, I invite you to reach out to me and we’ll have a chat about what’s possible for you and how I can help you make great music with ease!

– Jennifer 🦋


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