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May 17, 2017
Alexander Technique violin
Jasmine Reese, dog Fiji, and Violin!

A couple years ago, this adventurous musician captured my imagination on Facebook!

(You can watch he video of me working with Jasmine in a future blogpost – stay tuned!)

Jasmine Reese, her dog Fiji, and her violin have been travelling across the country for the last couple of years, practicing in all kinds of places, meeting new people, learning from musicians happy to share their expertise with her…and thoroughly enjoying her life and her FREEDOM!

Now, she’s planning a trip (with her dog and her violin, of course) all over the world. What’s not to love about this story?!

The problem is…. It turns out that constant biking and playing the violin don’t always mix so easily…

Alexander Technique violin

When Jasmine contacted me from Indianapolis a few weeks ago and inquired whether I could help her with some pain she’s been experiencing from her biking, which is now extending to her violin playing, I was very happy to arrange to work with her as soon as possible.

As you’ll see, not only is Jasmine an adventurous, free spirit filling the world with her music, but she has some wonderfully innovative ideas for how to connect with other musicians like myself, and we’d like to share what we’re learning with YOU.

After brainstorming together on the phone, we decided that she would come to see me in Cincinnati this weekend, and together we would video a session or two of my teaching her how to start freeing herself from her discomfort with her violin, The Art of Freedom, and the Alexander Technique.


Note from May 31: Stay tuned for a future blogpost that will share the video of Jasmine’s lesson with me, plus a podcast interview about The Art of Freedom and the Alexander Technique… When it’s ready I’ll post it – we had a GREAT time!!


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