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November 7, 2019

Anger…. bad or neutral?
Negative emotion or not?

I believe it’s an energy, and depending how we react to it, the result becomes either destructive or constructive.

Right now, I’m angry, but I know better than to push it away, fight or deny it.

Instead, can I get curious about it…..?

I wonder………………….

What do I notice if I stop and pay attention….wondering what else is there?
After all, I know it’s not “pure” anger… it’s mixed with so much more…







And again sadness…………………..

And again, the fire of anger rises up, trying to take over and burn up everything else.

What would happen if I practiced now?

What would my music say?

What more could I discover about myself?

Can I even do it?

Part of me wants to get out my violin, and the other part doesn’t….
Who will win?

I wonder….

Let’s find out.

What can I do right now?
I can stop.
And pay attention.
Get curious.
And do my Constructive Thinking.
And get out my violin.
And find out what “practicing” means tonight.

I wonder if I can play the dark night sky?
And find a few stars peeking through the clouds………….?

And then,
I will sleep.

And see another day.
God willing.

Alexander Technique musicians
Hidden Beauty…. always there when we look….

Jennifer xo

p.s. I’d love to get your comments below! Are you in touch with your Muse these days? What’s it like when you are, and when you’re not?

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