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February 17, 2022

We all want LOVE.


A sense of loving interconnectedness is what every human being yearns for at the very core of their being.


This is what I want, this is what you want, this is what everyone wants, and it’s what drives everyone and everything we do, from the core of our hearts.


Alexander Technique violin

It’s what turns the animal drive to survive into a human desire to connect, and when realized, a Divine desire to transcend both the animal urge and the human need.


What makes music so special is that it lends a natural opening onto the Divine.


Because it is wordless, and it rides on the wings of time while disappearing with each flutter, it carries us beyond the world of forms, into a dimension where thoughts and everyday desires can be left behind.


Where minds and emotions can be easily stirred, and the deeply-buried longings within the heart are prodded to awaken.


Once your mind sleeps and the heart awakens, animal and human desires fall away, and only the desire to BE and LOVE remain.


Things become simple. We become momentarily satisfied. The humdrum of daily life is transformed into something electric and REAL… and we touch the Divine, whether we know it or not.


Which is why we come back to it again and again… we practice for hours… we strive to improve our music… we even aim for that elusive ideal of “Perfection”, not knowing that what we are really striving for is Being-Consciousness-Bliss, which is the simple truth, the essence of who we are.


In fact, this is our biggest problem: a lack of self-knowledge, and lack of general awareness.
But then, even when we have a sense of who we are and what we want, our chaotic minds and wounded egos tend to block our ability to experience meaningful connection.
We don’t really know HOW to be, love, and share who we are with ease, confidence, joy, and freedom.
So, no matter how hard we might try, we are not always able to transmit the strong love we have for the music.
Our fingers fall onto the wrong places, we tremble with nerves, we worry about what the audience will think, and we can’t stop thinking about what might go wrong – or what already did.
Or, maybe we’re just COLD, and can’t concentrate!
So, things don’t always get communicated the way we practiced, and that can be terribly frustrating.
You just want to share your LOVE!!!
So, why is it so hard sometimes?!?!?!
Whether I talk about these things directly in my classes or not, this is always at the core of what I’m teaching. How could it not be? This is who I am, and I know it’s who you are.
If you yearn to bring this kind of depth of meaning to your life as a musician, to the notes that you play, the technical skills you’re working on, and the audiences you love…
… I can teach you the exact, super-practical steps to set you on your way, support you along your path, and rejoice with you when suddenly that window opens up and you realize how much you love just BEING yourself, and sharing THIS with the world around you, through music.
Just message me here or email me at Jennifer@ArtofFreedom.me if you want to learn. I’ll ask you a few questions to see if we’d be a good fit to work together, and then I’ll share the best options I see for you.


Here are some comments about working with me, from violinist/educator Jill Greene Griffin:


“Jennifer’s guidance has changed my life and I know it has prevented what could be serious and painful injuries.


Signing on for her 6-month coaching program was a wise choice and great investment to say the least. Jennifer is a brilliant, creative, loving and beautiful human being and spirit!


I have become so much more aware of my habits and thoughts and the effect they have on my system as a whole. She has helped me to instill so many positive and healthy practices that have changed my life and will stay with me forever.


Practices that are rippling over to my students and others that cross my path as I plant seeds of love, ease and freedom.


I was healed of a serious episode of vertigo (before, I had to walk with a cane!). Jennifer encouraged me and helped me to stay sane and calm while I launched my online studio, filled my in-person studio, kept performing, and so much more!


And these are just the big things – there are so many little miracles every single day that are too many to list! My music making continues to improve and my joy of making and sharing music is always increasing.”


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