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July 10, 2024

I LOVE my home, and the location where I live. There's nothing spectacular about Cincinnati and I never expected to move here (my ex and I moved here in 2000 for his work), but it's a very nice middle-of-the-road, peaceful, friendly, convenient kind of place to live.

So I'm always happy to be home, especially after a trip. I arrived back home from Oregon in the morning, and was supposed to fly out to Switzerland, but my flight was delayed, I missed my connection, and I'm back home again.

Which is just fine with me (more time to rest in between time zones), EXCEPT… now there's a tornado watch until midnight.

That is the one thing I REALLY don't like about living in the midwest: the tornado watches and warnings we get from time to time.

I travel a lot, and I mostly enjoy it. Traveling around the world makes me happy and only slightly nervous – it's much more a happy-excitement than nervousness.

But there is absolutely NOTHING exciting or enjoyable to me about a tornado watch.

However, as I recently wrote in some of my materials for The Performance Anxiety SOS Kit (now available at the Early Bird price – see the link in the comments below), anxiety is anxiety is anxiety! To me, it's the same feeling regardless of whether it's a performance, a tornado, or social anxiety.

And, thankfully, that means the solution to all of the above is pretty much the same, too.

So… you BET I'm using the well-honed, well-practiced, well-used tools I have to overcome performance anxiety and feel more relaxed, at ease, and confident right now, as I'm aware of the risk of tornadoes in the back of my mind.

Just like when I'm waiting backstage before a performance, I have NO interest in letting any unexpected turn of events throw me off, mess with my mind, and ruin my calm, ease, and enjoyment of the moment.

I want to LOVE being backstage and ENJOY being onstage, no matter what might go wrong that's out of my control, much as I now want to LOVE being at home, enjoying this extra time in between trips, despite the loud alerts coming from my phone.

No matter what happens – onstage or at home or while traveling – I know it's my choice to think in a way that promotes ease and happiness – so mindful, joyful presence overpowers stress.

Like I tell my students, we need to learn how to use the cues that come to us – especially the events that trigger anxiety – as a POSITIVE reminder to take charge of our thoughts and overall well-being. By doing what we call ConstructiveThinking™ in my line of work, we can then immediately turn a stressful event into an asset instead of a liability.

If you want to learn how to do ConstructiveThinking™ to care for yourself in stressful situations like I do, in the way I'm describing, check out The Performance Anxiety SOS Kit. (see the link below)

You'll learn a VERY powerful tool to help you overcome performance anxiety – but it will help you deal with ANY and ALL kinds of unpleasant situations that call on you to access your best self, inner calm, and grace.

I am reminded of one of my wonderful Art of Freedom® students, Kay Fowler Saunier, who is a pianist and violinist. She has been in my Art of Freedom® membership for quite a few years now, and she is a role model for being able to shift her perspective on challenging situations with ConstructiveThinking™, so that she is noticeably more relaxed and happier – despite the very significant health challenges she faces in her everyday life.

It truly is amazing what the mind is capable of! We can choose to use it for better… or for worse. We can fixate on the clouds or enjoy the flowers within reach. Which do you choose?

You can learn these tools for yourself with The Performance Anxiety SOS Kit. Now on sale at the Early Bird price of just $67. The price goes up to $97 on the official release date of July 12th, so don't miss this opportunity!

And may you stay safe from weather stuff – and any other stressful situations you might be facing – wherever you are, now and in the future!

The Performance Anxiety SOS Kit is here! 


(Regular price of $97 starts July 12th)


With Love,

Jennifer ❤️


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