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October 30, 2020

As a musician, you have so many responsibilities and so much to do.?️⏳

And now, during covid-19, there’s more than ever that needs to be done to safeguard your career: networking, stepping up your social media presence, doing more teaching or performing online, learning how to monetize your online presence… while taking care of your mental and physical health, too!

There’s so much to do…and yet you may have less clarity about which direction to go in, due to the pandemic. Which actions actually make the most sense for you to pursue?

Feeling unsure and indecisive about whether you’re making the best choices can feel really unpleasant, and your body will reflect that with increased tension and anxiety.

It can feel like time is slipping away FAST, beyond your control.

When you feel like you don’t have enough time, your instinct might be to move faster.

So you make endless to-do lists, you bounce around from one thing to the next, you skip your break (or use it to cross just one more thing off your list)… and you wind up so scattered and stressed that you find yourself on the couch, soothing your anxiety with Netflix and a box of cookies!

If what you really want is to have more time, the weird, counter-intuitive thing you really need to do is actually to SLOW DOWN and EXPAND time. This might sound strange, but think about it – you’ve experienced this before.

Have you ever noticed what happens to your body when you’re rushing to get to a rehearsal and you’re already 10 minutes late? How well do you play with your heart racing and your arms shaking once you get there?

Conversely, what happens to your body when you’re absorbed in what you’re doing and you feel like you have all the time in the world?

There’s a latent power hidden within you that emerges only when you’re in a flow state: when you’re “in the moment”, completely in tune with your thoughts, your body, and your emotions.

Time-mastery is actually a perfectly natural capacity that we all have – and it’s an essential quality of great musicians. Have you ever noticed how they’re true masters of timing? This is how they transport and uplift their listeners to a new and better reality – far above the mundane problems of the world. Great music-making is timeless!

The truth is, you have the solution to the time crunch within you – but you probably haven’t been taught how to tap into it.

Time-mastery is one of the key skills I teach my clients in depth in my private coaching programs.

Sure, there’s a real pandemic out there, and that presents real challenges. It’s not an illusion that life is making really tough new demands on musicians these days. But knowing how to master time and go about your day in a flow state makes everything so much easier.

In this way, you get to CHOOSE how you show up daily, and your relationship with time will largely determine whether you suffer or thrive during these crazy times, and what happens to your musical career during and after the pandemic.

Your attitude and choices will either cause you to suffer more in mind, body, and spirit, and allow your career to collapse… or they will allow you to feel empowered and hopeful that you’ll come out BETTER on the other side – if that’s what you want.

Are you interested in this idea of expanding and mastering your time? If so, send me a message and I’ll share more information with you.

With Love,

p.s. Got questions? Click here if you’d like to chat with me: https://guest.getresponse.chat/?c=2af0bb13c71372e2f692a18b4c3f912e6e89008391e5887b70ee5902


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  1. Hi Jennifer! That’s a really great point that you had pointed out on “Slow down and expand time”! I think there’s moment that I experienced that, and I manage to complete my task and felt great at the end! Just I didn’t know how to keep having this moment consistently.

    I like how you put it so clearly about being in tune with our thought, body and emotions. Would really like to know more about it 😀

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