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July 5, 2024
I recently had the pleasure of hosting an online workshop for saxophonists from around the world, sharing The Art of Freedom® Method for conscious living and masterful artistry, and touch-free Primal Alexander™ Technique. It was wonderful to connect with musicians of various skill levels, from amateurs to professionals, all united by their love for music and desire to improve their playing! 🎷

We explored common challenges musicians face, with performance anxiety being a major topic.

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Many participants shared experiences of feeling tense before performances, worrying about making mistakes, and struggling to stay present with the music. We discussed how these mental habits create physical tension that directly interferes with playing.

I introduced the concept of the “Primary Instrument” – ourselves – and how focusing on our own state of being in the moment is crucial to feel fulfilled and successful in practice and performance.

We explored the idea of being in “learner mode” versus “judger mode” and how this affects our playing and enjoyment of music.

Participants experienced simple but powerful ‘Awareness Etudes' to help reconnect with the ever-present ease in their bodies. We also discussed Constructive Thinking™ – a special way to use the mind to get out of its own way and access a state of flow.

Many had “aha” moments as they discovered how their thoughts were causing tension, affecting their breathing, and how they thought about their music. It was beautiful to see the change in people as they found more ease and presence!

We touched on how these techniques can be applied both in practice and performance settings, emphasizing the importance of bringing the same healthy mindset to both.

💬 “Your primary instrument is way more important than anything that you do with your musical instrument. And when you get better at using this instrument, anything you do with your musical instrument automatically gets better.”

If you're a musician struggling with performance anxiety, tension, or just wanting to play with more ease and freedom, I'd love to chat about how The Art of Freedom® Method could help you. Feel free to reach out to learn more about working together!

p.s. TODAY is the last day to grab The Performance Anxiety SOS Kit on pre-sale.


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