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March 15, 2016

Ok, folks. Here's the crucial key that most people seem to miss!


Alexander Technique CincinnatiWhen you really grasp the full significance of this, you will come to realize that you are just as free to go in the “wrong” direction (a direction that is unhelpful and causes suffering) as you are to aim in the “right” direction (a direction that is helpful and relieves suffering).

This is the reality: you are free to choose to think thoughts that hurt you, and you're free to do the wrong thing.  You're free to stiffen and tighten your neck. You're free to collapse and pull down, and you're free to compress yourself so much that you can't breathe or play the flute.

You're free to make your life more difficult, and you're free to make yourself progressively less happy. You're even free to do that to other people.

At first glance, this may seem obvious to you. And most of us want to be and feel “good”, and to do the “right” thing. We want to be helpful and healthy and establish good habits that bring happiness to ourselves and others.

But how often do we truly exercise our TOTAL FREEDOM with CONSCIOUS AWARENESS, as opposed to acting mindlessly on the HABIT of wanting to be good, while simultaneously judging ourselves (and others) and pushing ourselves around like SLAVES TO OURSELVES, chained by FEAR?

If we want to realize our true freedom, that means first granting ourselves the freedom to be exactly as we are in this present moment, whether we are aiming up or down, in or out…into love and peace, or into fear and suffering.

What would happen if we could stop judging ourselves RIGHT NOW for going “wrong” and simply notice the reality of all that we are, with full acceptance?

Can you grant yourself the freedom to be bad, go wrong, and mess up? Or do you stop halfway and only give yourself partial freedom, because it's terrifying to imagine what might happen if you recognized the staggeringly immense freedom that you already have?

Can you trust yourself to choose goodness if you have total absolute freedom – free of fear – to not be good?

The thing is, you're already hurting yourself, pulling down, stiffening, and tightening…thinking unhelpful thoughts throughout the day, every day, even though you want so much to be good. You're HUMAN.

ALexander Technique musiciansBut just as you're free to keep doing that, you're free to wake up and NOTICE when you're going down, and you're free to stop judging yourself for it and being afraid of what you might do if you actually gave yourself permission to experience freedom without fear of judgement and consequent punishment.

Ultimately, we are afraid of ourselves because we don't trust in our own essential goodness.


Only once you've truly returned to yourself your birthright – your freedom to be FREE as you are in this present moment – only then are you TRULY free to choose a different direction. Only when you stop judging yourself for being bad and wrong are you fully free to realize and aim into goodness.

How can you know if you're going in the “wrong” direction if you haven't let yourself fully experience the supposed “wrong-ness” of this moment? Sometimes, the “right” direction is masquerading as the “wrong” – but how will you ever be able to discern the true reality if you're too busy running away from the person hiding behind the mask? Do you really know who you are??

Angels are sometimes disguised as devils, and devils as angels.

How will you know which one you are (or who anyone else is) until you stop to look and live the complete reality of who you are in this moment? If you stop and experience yourself as you truly are right now, then maybe you'll see that we are BOTH: angel and devil, light and dark, Yin-Yang all in one. THAT is when you suddenly have the true freedom to choose where to put your attention, to choose the life you want, to be who you want to be.

Freedom, ease, love, joy, beauty, bliss, light…..it's all within the infinite world that you ARE, and you can only know it by experiencing it. In order to experience it, you must seek it within yourself, and in the seeking it, you will find it. What do you wish to experience?

Focus on being wrong, and you will surely find the experience of your “wrong-ness” – again and again and again. And it will hurt – both yourself and others.

Do you want to be and experience your goodness? Know that you ARE essentially good, despite possible appearances to the contrary. Notice the reality of this moment, and do not judge yourself! Simply notice, and choose to see the good – in yourself and everywhere.

Find the ease, find the quiet, find the good, find your loving heart.

It's all so easy, if what you WANT is ease!

Do you want to play your instrument and make music with ease? That's easy, too.  But first, you must find the ease in yourself. And before you can do that, you need to notice the reality of this present moment and give yourself the absolute, total freedom to BE WHO YOU ARE RIGHT NOW – and give your music its freedom to be as it is right now, too.  The good, the bad, the beautiful, the ugly.

What could be easier than simply being aware of the reality of this present moment, just as it is?


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