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November 9, 2021

In today’s live video, I shared the secret to practicing more with less effort, so you can improve your skills faster while safeguarding your health and enjoying your life!

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0:00 Introduction
8:26 Primal Alexander (hands-free Alexander Technique) helps musicians with pain, performance anxiety, tension, stress
9:22 The problem: the need to practice more, but not enough time!
13:27 The vicious cycle: We believe that we need to practice more with our instruments. What does that feel like? Frustration, guilt, lack of progress, lack of enjoyment, imposter syndrome, not “good enough” or “prepared enough”… leads to anxiety and tension… leads to pain
17:15 It’s not about quantity with your instrument
19:08 The faulty premise/belief: You need to practice more and there isn’t enough time. Here’s why it’s a mistake to think this way!
19:43 Better questions: WHAT are you practicing? WHAT do you need to practice more of? HOW do you need to practice to get the results you want?
20:49 The revolutionary SECRET to practicing more with less effort: build up the necessary neural connections and become skillful in connecting your thoughts with your body to manifest ideas into reality through your body and musical instrument. This is about practicing your PRIMARY instrument, which is YOU – throughout the day, not just with your musical instrument.
22:30 The time you spend with your instrument is SO MUCH less important than you think. But you need to increase the amount of time you do what I’m describing. EXAMPLE of one of my coaching clients cutting garlic.
25:56 The process which allows energetic flow and effortlessness in movement. Time expands and enjoyment increases.
27:34 How to play with good timing, without rushing, and a better sound
28:14 Most dedicated musicians spend too much time practicing with their instrument and not enough time practicing the skill of psycho-physical organization
29:20 If you want to be efficient and effective in the practice room…
31:22 It’s a paradigm shift: the musical instrument is secondary; the mind-body-self is primary. That’s where we need to spend most of our practice attention – to do things with more consciousness and less effort.
34:00 How to learn (practice) with less effort: start be observing yourself and noticing the tension you’re bringing to it. Try this…
36:21 My specialty is to teach musicians EXACTLY what to do with the brain to get the cluttered, unhelpful thinking out of your mind, stop interfering with your natural ability to organize your thoughts, and carry out your intentions easily on your instrument. This is the secret to doing things with less effort, more consciousness, more flow… and more FUN!
37:58 Reach out to me – I’d love your feedback, and ask me about my upcoming programs for musicians.
39:31 I don’t practice much – here’s what happens – I’m shocked every time I come back to my violin because it’s always BETTER – and here’s why…
40:39 About The Musician’s Mind-Body Breakthrough
44:02 The specific activity isn’t that important. What matters is how you’re thinking and being to get the results you want. Be yourself – you’re already good!

Thanks for watching! 🙂

~ Jennifer xo

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