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August 27, 2020

We musicians all want to improve our technique and musicianship, and we all know how important it is to practice, practice, practice if we want to get better!

But, perhaps you’re feeling frustrated about something you wish you could do as a musician but you can’t quite seem solve the problem, no matter how much you practice.

Maybe your technique isn’t as consistent as you’d like it to be, or there’s a piece of music that’s just out of your comfort zone. We’ve all got some of that!

I have good news for you, though. Did you know that it is absolutely possible to improve every aspect of your technique as a musician by paying attention to just ONE thing – even without touching your musical instrument?!?

In today’s video, I discuss the ONE and ONLY thing you absolutely need to be able to improve every aspect of your technique as a musician (and it’s absolutely essential!).

Watch the video here:

There’s ONE obvious common denominator between every single instrumental technique on the planet, and I came to discover this in a rather unusual way…

I have a hugely different perspective on this than most musicians or music educators – simply because, in a sense, I left my musical path when I was 20 and changed course. By doing that, it turned out that I was able to look at the musical world from the outside – from a completely different perspective.

Looking at the musical world from the outside allowed me to see things that I never would have been able to see from inside it.

And because of this ONE thing I discovered along the way – this common denominator – I have come back full circle and my life now, compared to how it was then, is like night and day – I am MUCH happier, with more energy now….. and I notice my violin technique improves every single time I pay attention to this ONE thing:

You have to know how to improve the “use” of your self – how to make good “use” of our primary instrument – our SELF – our mind, body, soul, and spirit!

Alexander Technique musicians

We’re all born with a sense of coordination, integration and natural sense of self and ease of expression. That’s why toddlers don’t stop themselves from screaming if they want a cookie! Little children haven’t learned how to interfere with their natural coordination (“use” of themselves) yet.

But over time, as we grow older and imitate the adults around us, we interfere with the natural expression of our primary instrument more and more, and we don’t even realize it until it shows up as pain, disease, or generalized discomfort.

We ALL need to learn how to use the mind, body, and self better, with more ease and natural coordination. When you learn how to get the interference out of the way and return to a more natural design, then your ideas can be transmitted – easily and powerfully – without forcing.

It all starts in the mind. You have to be able to think in a clear and focused way. You have to know what you want with clear intentions and purposes without getting thrown off track. You can’t get carried away by emotions, negative feelings, criticism, judgment, fear, or anxiety…but you have to learn how to do this.

Once you improve the use of your self, you will be able to express yourself without getting tense. Things will work better, sound better, and your technique will be easier. You will be SO on fire with passion, but feel free!

Does this concept excite you? Does it excite you that there might actually be a key to make everything you do easier if you just learn this ONE thing? I would love to hear what you think, comment below and let me know!

With love,

p.s. Are you ready to learn how to improve the use of your self so that everything you do with your instrument gets easier by itself? Contact me – I’d love to help you learn!


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