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December 16, 2015
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To be earnest is a virtue, is it not? Well… maybe, maybe not… what matters more than that is: HOW are you being earnest?

Does being earnest and hard-working and serious and concentrated and focused and ambitious = intense = overly tense?

If you have too much tension in your mind-body-self, then you’re likely being too earnest. And, in that case, you…




What happens when you are experiencing too much tension?
You probably feel:
anxious or…..

etc., etc., etc!

You may even feel pain.

When you feel pain – or any of the above symptoms – what do you do about it? If you’re like most people, you probably try to DO something about it. Right? Well, does that work?

Maybe for a few moments, but eventually the pain usually comes back, right?

So, if you want a different result, then shouldn’t you be trying something COMPLETELY DIFFERENT? 

Have you ever thought of STOPPING, and NOT doing something about it, nothing other than STOPPING? Instead of DOING, trying NON-DOING?


In our culture, we are taught that to be earnest is to succeed. Work hard, and you’ll “make it”. If you don’t “make it”, it’s because you DID something wrong. Try harder, they say. Be serious! Concentrate harder! DO it right. Well, does that work? Does it get rid of your pain? Does it bring balance into your life? Most likely, the answer is “no”.

So, again… why not try something COMPLETELY DIFFERENT? What if you were just a bit less earnest, less invested in the outcome of your striving? What if you were to strive with a bit more ease? What if you were to give yourself a bit of extra time to just BE. To simply observe. To be aware of your surroundings, and aware of yourself. What would happen if you were to STOP, and simply live, free of expectations?

alexander technique musicians pain

If you’d like some specific instructions for one way to learn HOW to practice this, download my 8-page article on improving your technique. Even if you’re not interested in improving your technique, the article will give you some very valuable information for your overall well-being. And if you’re experiencing any excess tension or pain, I think it’s pretty essential information.

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  1. Love this advice….helping to relieve tension by some simple, Alexander Technique exercises BEFORE you start to practice is going to help…also, clear your mind too…think about not only reducing tension but playing beautifully.
    Happy Holidays. Stay tuned. Diane in SoCal

    1. Hi Diane, Thanks so much for your feedback – glad you’re trying it out! I look forward to hearing more about your experiences. Happy Holidays to you, too! 🙂

  2. Excellent! So simple, so clear – so much so that stopping feels like something one wants – very much. It makes so much sense!

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