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July 13, 2020

When I was a kid, my head was always in the clouds, daydreaming, reading…. I forgot everything! I lost stuff all the time… and I didn't really have control over my mind or the things I needed to do, UNLESS I wrote things down. I'm still a bit like this today!

In today’s video, I discuss how powerful it is to write things down. After many many years, I have trained myself to be organized and practical by making lists and journaling. This has been a lifelong practice for me because making to-do lists and writing everything down isn’t a natural activity for humans, and my brain is not naturally wired this way!

But in today’s world, our lives are just too complicated, and BOY – does writing things down help!

Watch the video here:

There’s something special about paper and pen that is so powerful. It forces you to slow down your thinking. Our minds are moving too quickly to organize everything running through them.

5 Reasons to write things down:

  1. Put order in our lives and in our own minds. Write it to get it out of your head. Take it out of your mind and get it onto paper!
  2. Remember things – no need to feel guilty when you forget!
  3. A cluttered mind means a cluttered body. Writing things down is healing.
  4. Bringing things to light allows us to be more objective and makes things easier to deal with; helps us become a witness to our experience.
  5. More focused awareness through slowing down our thinking and articulating our thoughts gives us more conscious constructive control over our minds and whole lives.

The only way to figure out what works best for you is through trial and error. Try different systems out and figure out what your style is. Don’t force yourself into a box – that will just create new problems for you!


I'd love to hear from you! What systems do you have in place to help you with these things? Do you journal, keep a diary or agenda? How does writing things down help you? What are YOUR tips on this topic? Tell us below! Thanks for sharing!

With love, 


p.s. Want help getting control over your mind and life? Contact me – I'd be happy to chat with you about what could be most useful to help you go in a better direction!


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