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April 15, 2024

I became teary-eyed on a walk the other day…

A young teenager (probably autistic) walking with his parents offered me a stick and abruptly said, “Here’s a gift!”

But I didn’t understand what he’s said – or that he was offering me something – until after I’d walked further on the path, I no longer felt startled, and they were already gone.

How often is Life offering us gifts but we can’t receive them because we don’t understand there is an offer – or we don’t perceive its true value?

I suspect the answer is…. Life is always offering us gifts, but much of the time we’re feeling startled, we don’t understand, and therefore we can’t receive the gifts.

What is being offered to you today that you may be missing, rejecting, or simply passing by – without even noticing the generous hand Life is stretching out towards you?

And what are you offering to others that is perhaps being missed, ignored, or rejected by them?

Music? Teachings? Meaning? A touch of Love?

Maybe it’s truly nobody’s fault when the desired connection isn’t made.

And just maybe… we’ll all come to understand, receive, and enjoy everything eventually… all in good time!

Have a beautiful week, filled with ever-increasing awareness, giving & receiving, Ease, and JOY!

With Love & Enthusiasm,

Jennifer ❤️


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