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February 10, 2017

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Food for Thought #3: “End-Gaining”

There’s a concept in the Alexander Technique called “End-Gaining”. Simply put, end-gaining is when you’re too attached to the outcome and don’t pay enough attention to the steps required to get there.

We all have goals. Goals are essential to keep us motivated and excited about moving forward.

But caring too much about a goal introduces an element of unnecessary tension, which will actually make achieving your goals HARDER.

It may seem paradoxical, but letting go of your NEED to achieve your goal, while methodically paying attention to the Here-And-Now “means-whereby” – the steps required to arrive at your goal – instead, is THE KEY to doing your best work. It’s the secret to efficient and effective practicing.

Stop caring so much about the future.

Put aside your future desires, and trust that things will work out in whatever way is best for you. NOW is more important, so focus on what is necessary RIGHT NOW. Don’t waste energy on something that doesn’t even exist yet.

What can you do NOW? What is essential? What do you need to pay attention to now? Let’s get our priorities in order, and make the reality of here and now the center of our attention.

One step at a time.

No rush (rushing includes unhelpful tension).

All in good time!

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