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December 22, 2021

Musicians often make the mistake of thinking they need to relax specific parts of the body to correct a technical musical problem, instead of realizing that the entire self – mind, body, emotions – needs to let go in order to really resolve the issue.


💧 But, your shoulders really ARE too tight, you say?


You might think the problem is in your shoulders, so you might believe you need to work on dropping them or pulling them back to correct your posture.

You were probably even told this as a child or teenager by a well-meaning parent or teacher.


And how many times did your music teacher tell you, “Relax your shoulders!” or “Relax your wrist!” or “Relax your arm!”?


Then… how many times did they have to repeat that, and how much have you struggled – and for how many years – thinking the problem was that you need to relax that body part but the tension keeps coming back… and therefore, there must be something wrong with you, needing to be fixed?


😢 This problem, sadly, is nearly universal amongst musicians, educators – and humans.


⚠️ When a body part is found to be tight… well, FIX IT, they say! RELAX IT, they say! ⚠️


But that only works temporarily, because it’s not getting at the REAL root of the problem, which is never the body part.

The real solution is never to relax the body part.


Why? Because that simply isn’t possible to do, outside of the context of the whole self.


You’ve had difficulty with this for so long because you’ve been attempting the impossible.

👉 Educators, please listen up!


If you’re an educator, please take this especially to heart. If you learn what I’m getting at here – that the WHOLE PERSON must be addressed in order to help a student undo tension habits – and you first learn how to apply this to yourself skillfully (which I can teach you how to do)… and then, if you can teach this to your students… you will become a MUCH better teacher, and have MUCH more success with getting your students to change unhelpful habits. No doubt about it. I


I’ve seen this happen time and time again, with the educators who take my programs, who are consistently blown away by how much more easily they can help their students and how quickly they improve once they get this.


People simply haven’t been trained to recognize what’s actually happening in the body-mind-self as a whole, so they don’t know how to let go consciously, “on command”.


When they are lucky enough to access this (usually, by accident), they typically don’t know how they did it, so they can’t repeat it consistently, in any situation, even stressful ones.


If you know you have habitual areas of tension in your body, you need to learn:


  • to see the bigger picture, integrating mind-body-emotions and seeing problems through that lens
  • to get curious about the state of mind that accompanies tension in the body
  • how to skillfully release OVERALL tension instantly, as soon as you notice it, so your music can flow naturally, with excellent technical facility – even onstage and under stress


🌴 The truth is, this kind of whole-self, instantaneous relaxation can be attained easily, once you have a clear system to teach you exactly how to do it, and you practice this simple skill consistently.


🌴 This kind of relaxation does NOT deflate your energy and cause an overall collapsing (which usually happens when people try to relax). On the contrary, this kind of relaxation leads to precise control, greater awareness, increased alertness, and much more objective discernment about yourself and what’s actually happening.


🌴 This kind of work increases your options, and your mobility. Instead of trying to relax your shoulder or your wrist or your jaw, your whole system is given the freedom to move according to its natural design, because you will come to understand that there is no “right” or “correct” position, posture, or way to hold yourself or any specific body part.


You are a mind, body, and emotional organism.


❌ Stop trying to change and fix yourself by trying to manipulate a body part or force yourself into a posture or position that your body isn’t finding by itself.

Your body is doing the best it can, given the information you feed it. It is simply a reflection of your mind, and it is carrying out the exact instructions your brain is sending it – consciously and unconsciously.


✅ Give yourself a break and stop doing the same thing over and over and over again and getting limited, frustrating results that just don’t stick.


There’s nothing wrong with you.


You don’t have to relax.


➡️ But you DO need to learn how to integrate your mind-body-self if you want to improve everything about your music-making, not just your shoulder, wrist, or fingers.


➡️ And in order to make this kind of transformational, breakthrough change, you need clarity. You need understanding coming from a logical, proven system, and you need exact steps to follow that make sense, which you can try out for yourself.


➡️ And you need a guarantee, so that trying something completely new doesn’t feel so risky and crazy!


I get it.


And I can teach you all of the above with EASE, if you join The Musician’s Mind-Body Breakthrough in January. Enrollment is now open, with a 100% money-back guarantee. You will notice real improvement, or your money back.


If you want all of the above, just message me or email me at Jennifer@ArtofFreedom.me and we can have a chat about whether The Musician’s Mind-Body Breakthrough would be a good fit for you. It’s a six-week program for musicians of all kinds, including private coaching, self-study, and optional group classes. Just ask me soon – there’s a special bonus for students who register by January 1st that you don’t want to miss! 🙂


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