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March 16, 2020

Dear Friend,

How are you faring during these strange COVID-19 times? 
I really hope that you and your loved ones are feeling safe and healthy, and that you’re finding ways to weather this crisis with a few silver linings amidst the chaos.

Personally, I’ve been working non-stop since COVID-19 was declared a pandemic last week, making extra videos and sending messages of hope to my extended and private communities on facebook.

Something has shifted in me… I now see everything with more depth, somehow… more meaning, more intensity, more urgency… more importance.

We need to take care of ourselves first… and then we need to care for those around us. Even if we can’t get closer than 5-10 feet in person… there is SO MUCH we can do to connect with friends in our global community!

In this email, I will share a number of useful videos I’ve made recently. Please share them with people who could benefit. Thank you very much.



You can do TheCyCle with me LIVE every day this week at 9AM Eastern on my personal FB timeline

How to stay calm? The first thing I teach ALL of my students is TheCyCle™, a 2-3 minute Awareness Etude created by Mio Morales.

I began the series with this powerful video“Hope in C Virus Times” on Sunday evening.


5 Empowering Actions

It certainly is an important time to pay attention to how we are thinking, moving, and living, so we can boost our immune systems with calm, flowing energy, as much as possible, and influence those around us for the better, as well.

Please watch this important video I made last Thursday, after CV-19 was declared a pandemic. The video was adopted and abbreviated by The Violin Guild (facebook group), and posted as their official response to CV-19. 

Video: 5 Empowering Actions for Musicians in Troubled Times
[The Violin Guild Version]

Read the Blogpost



I have a sense that we as a culture will need to learn to recover some of the natural ways that we’ve lost. Especially by using this time of enforced social isolation as an imposed retreat of sorts. 

A time for self-reflection, review of our fundamental values, connection to others on a deeper level than the physical, and maybe even more time for musical practice and Awareness Etudes! 🙂

So… how can we make the best of it? This is what interests me right now. How can we make lemonade out of lemons?

Today’s Mindset & Motivation video: “Calm in the Face of the Storm”FacebookYouTube


Teach Your Students Online!

As a musician, if you’ve been losing income from cancelled performances (my tour with Apollo’s Fire which was scheduled for next week has been cancelled, too), and if you’re losing private students…

I am here to offer you hope and solutions!

Please join me Tuesday morning at 11AM Eastern this week for a FREE training:
“How to Teach Online: Quick Relief for Music Educators”

I’ve been teaching online for 8 years. 
I KNOW from much experience and years of soul-searching that what we can achieve via the web is REAL connection. It’s not just 2D…. there’s much more to it than that, when you open your mind up to the possibilities.
For now… many musicians are being compelled to learn how to use this medium to salvage their livelihoods – bringing their students into virtual studios and classrooms.

What if you could actually ENJOY this learning process? I do! It IS possible!
And I want to teach you how. 

And please share this with your colleagues and other musicians who are struggling to make sense of this situation, and adapt to a new world-picture.



Isn’t it ironic that the internet – which has been so widely criticized as a cause for disconnection in our society – is fast becoming our main source of connection?

Join my FB group here: Musicians Mind-Body Practice Tribe

Thank you from my heart for being an important part of my very real community. 
I care about you. I want you to be safe, and I even want you to thrive and ENJOY this strange time, if at all possible.
Please be well.

With Love,

p.s. Monday Mindset & Motivation Complete YouTube Playlist


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