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January 27, 2016

alexander technique depression anxietyThere is a great deal of suffering in the world. But are you aware of how much more ease there is than suffering?

Just look around you. Do you see how much empty space there is, everywhere? Most things are made of empty space, and there is empty space between and through all things. Every bit of physical matter consists almost entirely of space.

Can you touch the empty space with your awareness? Can you be aware of the ease inherent in the space? There is no pain, no hardship, no suffering in the emptiness of space…none whatsoever. In space, there is only the void of space.

Is there pain in your body, or tension? Can you feel the pain and the tension crying out to you for your attention? You are drawn there like a magnet, and the suffering is all you feel…

Where is the ease, my friend?

Can you sense the space around you, and within you?

Is there pain at the tip of your nose, your elbow, or in your bone marrow? Find the places that are empty, devoid of suffering, and notice the space that exists there. Find the space that your nose or elbow or bones occupy, and touch that space with your awareness.

Space is empty, made of peaceful stillness. Everything happens in space, but space itself is beyond all happening.

Be aware of the ease of space, and let your suffering dissolve.

What happens if you move with that awareness? What happens if you let the creation of your music arise from the void of empty space, touching the space with all that you are?

You have all the power. It is your birthright as a human being, free to choose.

Your power lies in your ability to choose where to place your awareness. Will you fill your mind-body space with the awareness of ease and space, or with the awareness of all that you think is wrong?

Your choice will bring you what you wish for.

Blessings of Peace to you.

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  1. Hi Jennifer:
    Are Alexander Technique lessons available at your studio?
    I would be interested and my wife also in attending.
    I’m 58 and drive a lot on my job and would like to see the technique help with this task.
    Thank you.

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