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March 28, 2024

So much possibility opens up for you and your music… when you can finally release your pain! 🙂

My students frequently report that they have completely unexpected breakthroughs, surprising “miracles”, and quite unexpected positive things happening in their lives and music-making as a result of learning The Art of Freedom® Method…

…because they finally understand how easy it can be to let go, stop struggling, and let the music play itself with effortless ease.

They consistently report improvements in multiple areas:

  • Body: relaxation, freedom from pain and tension
  • Mental / Emotional: better focus, calm mind, freedom from performance anxiety
  • Skills: more control over instrumental technique, more freedom of expression and deeper musicality
  • Relationships: less reactivity, better listening skills, more responsiveness, better connection with colleagues and audiences
  • Creativity: more spontaneous, quick thinking, improved artistry, free expression and depth of feeling…

…and so much more!

Working with me to experience your own surprising breakthroughs could be the perfect way to spend the next few months, and it could take you to a whole new level of artistic mastery and joy in LIFE.

I have a few openings available in my online studio right now. Students in my premium program focus on the three Core Process Pillars and experience gradual change over a period of several months.

The Core Process of The Art of Freedom® Method for conscious living and masterful artistry is delivered in 3 overlapping Stages of Integration:

1. Ease of Self

Learn a simple daily practice to instantly calm your mind, relax your body, and bring more balance, ease and confidence to your music and your life

2. Musical Integration

Bring your whole, best self to your instrument so you can play with effortless ease, share your music with confidence, and consistently love the sound you make

3. Artistic Transformation

Dramatically improve your technical skills and creative artistry with cutting-edge practice and performance strategies that allow you to reliably access a flow state for maximum ease and freedom of expression

If you can feel in your bones – or a little tingle of excitement in your skin cells – then you’ll want to ask me more about what’s possible for you! (Don’t deny what resonates deeply with you! It will just prolong your pain to procrastinate on this!)

What you’ll get: 

* Expert private coaching

* Self-study that teaches my Core Process with 3 Stages of Integration

* Exclusive materials, and optional access to an amazing private community of musicians on a similar journey to yours

It’s all about opening up to a new way of thinking about and experiencing your pain, which allows you to tap into your own inner healing resources, so you can heal and start playing your instrument with more effortlessness and JOY than ever.

⭐️ It’s compatible with neuroscience.

⭐️  It’s logical.

⭐️  It’s for smart, dedicated musicians.

⭐️ And it WORKS.

There’s no way you can experience what’s possible if you don’t try. So…

If you’re in pain… The Art of Freedom® will show you why, and how to release yourself from its grip!

If you’re in pain and you’re curious, just message me to learn more about how I can help you experience an amazing transformation into better music-making, ease, and joy.

Get in touch soon so we can determine if you’d be a good fit for my programs. I can’t wait to share this truly remarkable, life-changing process with you!

~ Jennifer xo

p.s. Want a preview of what’s possible? Come to my upcoming workshop: “3 Keys to Play Your Instrument PAIN-FREE” on April 1st and 2nd, 2024! Just let me know if you want me to send you the details and registration link.


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