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February 15, 2024
I'm in the airport in Houston, spending a 6-hour layover in the airport, on my way home from a 10-day vacation tour with my mother (and a group) in New Zealand.


After a 13-hour flight (part of a 36-hour day) and 10 days spent mostly in buses and boats (along with some breathtakingly gorgeous walks in the New Zealand Alps and elsewhere), my body-mind-self feels quite discombobulated. It's clear that our human selves are not made to be shaken around by motors, and we're certainly not designed to cross multiple time zones in such a short amount of time (New Zealand is 18 hours ahead). It's hard to believe it's STILL Saturday for me, so many hours later!!


But as I sit here, feeling dazed and as if part of me is still flying somewhere high above the Pacific Ocean, and just having parted ways with my mother who is headed back to her home in Pittsburgh, my mind starts wandering and reflects on many things.


How lucky I am to have the means to travel to far off places, see wonders of Nature and more, eat delicacies from around the world, sleep in comfortable beds, and now… to sit in a United Club, using one of the complimentary day-passes that come with my credit card.


One thought leads to another… and I remember those who have nothing, or close to nothing. Many of whom I shared breakfast and prayers with in an ashram in India just a year ago. Can it already be a whole year since I was there? It seems like just a few weeks ago… every bit of that trip is emblazoned on my memory. I loved every minute of that trip (except maybe the rat visitor in my room – but even that was a healthy experience that required me to rise to the occasion – which is another story for another day).


I'm here now, eating abundant free food.
So many around the world have barely enough to survive.


My ancestors were German royalty.
My boyfriend's ancestors were black slaves and Jews hunted by the Holocaust.


Who are you?
What is your background?


And does it really matter where we come from?
What we have or have not?
Yes, and no…


Because, ultimately, it's what we do in response that matters and carries us over the true ocean – the waves of life that keep changing yet always stay the same and bring each of us to death in the end.


And, if you're a musician – an artist (like me) – then where does that fit in?


Maybe music is the boat, the bus, the airplane, the legs… the vehicle that carries us safely across this wide open ocean to the other side… if we just keep paying attention and singing out what lies in our hearts, uplifting our spirits again and again and again… in the face of all darkness, difficulty, fear, and loneliness…


And our songs pick up passengers along the way:


those that listen
those that watch
those that play along
those that ignore
those that sit idly or look backwards, jumping into the ocean to drown because they refuse to swim…




Do what must be done, whether the way is hard and torturous or bright and cheerful…


And, in fact, we each have the power within us to CHOOSE which way the ride will be.


As I sit, feeling discombobulated, I curl the ends of my mouth into a conscious smile, choosing happiness and good cheer despite how odd I feel in this moment…


…in part because I know that it helps lift others up into the boat – whether the music is audible or visible or simply hums quietly from the heart…


Now, I wonder where this post came from!
What caused this outpouring of thought and reflection?


Was it because the bartender said – probably as he always does to everyone – in broken English as he served my drink – “I appreciate you” – which probably means something different in his native tongue


But which, along with a very slight glimmer of ocean blackness from the depths of his eyes, hinted at something True


Which caused me to reflect
And offer him a tip


I returned to my seat
Feeling curious
About appreciation
And what that means


What does it mean to “appreciate you”?
I think I have an idea of that, Fellow Traveler…


So I will pass along this gift that keeps the boat moving forward:


“I appreciate you”


And it's True.
Thank you for reading
And for being YOU,
For traveling,
For pausing,
For choosing to ride the boat
Until the very end.


Go easy,
And may the unexpected storms
And irritating motors
Simply make you stronger
Every day.




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