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September 16, 2019

There's a deep yearning that wants
to contort my innards with existential grief,
as soon as it is seen, and
I let go of the hold I thought it had on me,
realizing that it was my own desperate grip,
it begins to move
and churn
and unfurl through my body's breath,
yielding with waves that lap
up and down the shores of my exterior
until they massage me gently
with their sweet caress……

This is the Love-Play of hide-and-seek
lording over me, my company to seek

This is the blood and the pulsing of the Muse
who seeks, the yearning of the soul

whose expression
be released.

Fly! and Cry……….

as you find the LifeSource:

Listen here:


grief, Muse, poetry, transformation, yearning

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