Enjoy a healthy, balanced life and abundant musical success.

Become the powerful artist you are meant to be!

Professional Musicians

Are you:

  • Feeling stuck professionally and unable to overcome the physical or emotional blockages preventing you from breaking through to the next level?
  • Feeling stagnant, close to burnout, uninspired, and like you can’t fully express your creativity?
  • Experiencing physical pain that’s limiting your ability to perform well?
  • Working under conditions and circumstances they aren’t satisfying or that you’re in total agreement with?

It's not unusual for professional musicians to reach a point in their career where they start to stagnate and feel unfulfilled. That dissatisfaction begins to be reflected in physical or emotional discomfort.

Music is your passion, but you're feeling uninspired, frustrated, disconnected, lonely, and unhappy. You're suffering emotionally and even physically, but you're not sure what to do or how to make it better. You feel disconnected from your creative life purpose—that original reason and passion for becoming a musician—and in turn, have lost your zest for life.

Ask me how I know!

Hi, I’m Jennifer Roig-Francolí! I’m a prize-winning musician, certified Alexander Technique teacher, and inspirational coach with the ability to pinpoint the root causes of physical and emotional discomfort. I teach musicians a simple step-by-step process to heal and reach their next level of personal and professional success. I call this five-pillared process The Art of Freedom® Method.

I was a successful professional performer as a teenager and stepped down from my lifelong musical ambitions to enjoy my relationships and have a family.

For the next couple of decades, I enjoyed a stable performance career of teaching and playing with numerous orchestras and chamber music groups, but my creativity felt stifled. Over time, I lost much of my passion for music-making.

I didn't know what was wrong, but I continued to feel more and more miserable until I discovered the Alexander Technique and learned the special skills I needed to fall in love with life and music all over again.

I've been practicing the Alexander Technique since 2003. I’ve spent my time since then recovering my creative spirit and integrating my heart's passion with my new understanding of how the mind, body, soul, and spirit are designed to work together for creative Joy and healing. 

I call this integrated way of living as an artist The Art of Freedom®.

Living this way, with authenticity and purposeful integrity, has brought indescribable joy, deeply personal and interpersonal healing, freedom of creative expression, and new life to everything I do.

Helping other musicians rediscover their innate creative joy and how to channel it to heal themselves and others while spreading this goodwill to heal the world is now my life's passion.

Feel inspired and empowered to take charge of your life with clear action steps and meaningful practices that allow you to heal and step into your purpose and unique creativity as an artist.

Fall in love with life and music all over again!

When we work together, you will:

  • Gain powerful tools to heal yourself physically and emotionally so you can fall in love with your life and music all over again.
  • Understand how to relax and let go of excess tension quickly, so you can approach your everyday movements, your music-making, and your life with more flexibility, ease, and flow.
  • Reawaken your creative genius and inspire others in your professional and personal life by communicating your passionate artistry with bold, effortless ease and skillful consistency.
  • Live out your joyful life purpose and uplevel your career by creating a powerful vision for what you want to accomplish and take the practical action steps necessary to turn your creative desires into reality, regardless of your circumstances.
  • Learn to make fully conscious choices that bring you closer to achieving your highest goals, regardless of your external circumstances.
  • Claim your freedom as an artist to express yourself the way you want, and stop feeling pressured by obligations from institutions, employers, audiences, hectic teaching/touring schedules... even by normal demands on your time from the people close to you.

Learn how to do everything— including play your instrument—with more relaxed ease and joy, and less stress or overwhelm!

Learning how to become a better musician with The Art of Freedom goes far beyond what you’ll ever learn in an ordinary music lesson, and it will bring greater ease and depth of meaning to everything you do in life.

As a performer and educator myself, I understand the formidable challenges faced by highly sensitive, creative souls wanting to express themselves fully and authentically, while also striving for professional success in a world that does not value the essential role of the arts and artists for the greater good and healing of society.

My holistic approach helps musicians transform their struggles to find balance and increase their effectiveness in all spheres of personal and professional life. I do this by combining self-inquiry and mindfulness practices, my practical experience as a performer, attention to time management, technical skills improvement, and the powerful mind-body healing tools of the Alexander Technique.

Are you ready to break free at the highest level?

I’ve now been teaching The Art of Freedom for more than a decade.

Jennifer's coaching program was a wise choice and great investment to say the least. Jennifer, you are a brilliant, creative, loving and beautiful human being and spirit! I have become so much more aware of my habits and thoughts and the effect they have on my system as a whole. You have helped me to instill so many positive and healthy practices that have changed my life and will stay with me forever. Practices that are rippling over to my students and others that cross my path as I plant seeds of love, ease and freedom… I was healed of a serious episode of vertigo (remember, I had to walk with a cane!). You encouraged me and helped me to stay sane and calm while I launched my online studio, filled my in-person studio, kept performing, and so much more! And these are just the big things - there are so many little miracles every single day that are too many to list! Thank you!

Jill Greene Griffin

Violin, Music Educator, California

For anyone who is struggling with performance anxiety, tension, negativity, lack of drive, or who may be discouraged by the audition world, I would highly recommend listening to Jennifer. What sets Jennifer’s approach apart is her obvious joyful attitude and contagious enthusiasm for music making. Jennifer helped me rekindle that enthusiasm!

I have frequently struggled with performance nerves and it bothers me that I make some of my students nervous, too! Jennifer taught me, among many other things, to refocus on Why I play the violin. It’s so simple AND SO PROFOUND. My whole approach to teaching has been transformed in the best way. There is so much that I have learned from Jennifer. She has a great deal to offer, and I highly recommend her to anyone who loves music!

Stephen Collins

Artistic Director of St. Cecilia’s Conservatory of Music, Ontario, Canada

Working with Jennifer has, without a doubt, saved my career in music! I'm rediscovering my passion for music, overcoming performance anxiety, and reclaiming strength within myself, making me a better person and better musician.

Sarah Herbert

Trumpet, Music Educator, Oregon

I highly recommend Jennifer Roig-Francoli. She is caring, intelligent and insightful, and she's always positive and encouraging. I've had experiences in the past that have left me feeling overwhelmed and discouraged, but that's not the case with Jennifer. She gives me just enough information each time and her approach leaves a strong impression on me. I am feeling optimistic again!

Rebecca Kruger Fryxell

Violinist in the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra

Jennifer’s masterclass was something of a revelation to me, both as a teacher and as a violinist. Jennifer worked with 6 violinists for about 15 minutes each. During that brief amount of time she was able to diagnose and begin to help correct technical issues more effectively than I had been able to do with many of them over the past 2 years. It was both humbling and inspiring to me as a teacher to see my students unlocking areas of their potential that had remained blocked for so long. I was also quite inspired as a performer because I was able to incorporate some of the principales into my own playing and I immediately felt new resources of expression and power as a violinist.

Eric Pritchard

Professor of Violin at Duke University, First Violinist for the Ciompi Quartet, North Carolina

I came to Jennifer for help relieving pain and fatigue I was experiencing in my work as a professional violinist. After just a few sessions I noticed a new ease in playing as well as in every aspect of daily life. I am now able to better listen to my body, and I can now play pain-free. My playing seems to be getting even easier with time! With warm humor and sensitivity, Jennifer is able to pinpoint the source of problems, and also to encourage me to unlock avenues of self-expression. Our sessions are enjoyable and enlightening, and she is incredibly gifted at coming up with just the right stuff at the right moment.

Kiki Bussell

Former Concertmaster, Cincinnati Ballet Orchestra

Since working with Jennifer, everything feels better when I play! I feel better physically (my back pain is gone!), emotionally, and spiritually. I have a greater sense of freedom and confidence, and I’ve learned how to relax when I play.

Rachel Lee

Freelance Violinist and Music Educator, Ohio

Ms. Roig-Francoli addressed in great detail the problems of performance anxiety, pain and stress. But most extraordinarily valuable to me was her perception concerning posture as related to many of the world's 'Bassoon Playing' concepts, a field too often subject to individual opinion or to unprovable theories.

William Winstead

Professor of Bassoon, CCM, and Principal Bassoon, Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra