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February 17, 2021

You’re a passionate musician.

You’re passionate about having and sharing deeply moving experiences through your music.

You loving making music that awakens the emotions and leaves you and your audience feeling changed, enlivened, and more ✨enlightened✨ by the experience.

The problem is, music awakens the passions by increasing and releasing tension, and it’s all too easy to get carried away by that churning sea ? of emotions.

Most musicians (even professionals with tons of experience) believe that increased muscular tension is necessary to convey passionate emotions to their audience. It can seem totally impossible to play passionately without a big buildup of tension in the body. ?

However, even though it feels impossible, it’s not.

You do NOT need to increase muscular tension to convey passionate emotional intensity.

In fact, the opposite is paradoxically true:

Increased muscular tension actually BLOCKS ? the free-flow of emotions and limits your passionate expression. Because playing with tighter muscles makes it harder for the body to move and respond with quick-silver flexibility, fresh spontaneity, and ease.

So, when you get carried away by the music and let your body get tense along with the intensity of the music, you’re actually getting in the way of the natural expression of the music and preventing your best performance. ?

Not only that, but the excess tension in your body makes you more prone to injury and common emotional disturbances, such as performance anxiety or depression. ? ? ☔️

?️ What musicians really need is the ability to…

☀️ let the music speak for itself – through you – while you remain “passionately detached” and free in your mind and body.

☀️ be an open, receptive conduit for the tensions inherent in the music to flow through you, unimpeded by muscular tension.

☀️ let go within your whole self – not just relaxing isolated tension you might feel in your arms, shoulders, neck, or back.

? Honestly, you can learn how to do all of this pretty easily – it’s not that difficult.

However, it’s probably not something you’ve ever learned before. And once you’ve learned how, it’s something you’ll need to practice and apply systematically to your music-making.

The Art of Freedom® Method

The Art of Freedom® Method for conscious living and masterful artistry is the comprehensive system I’ve created to help musicians release years of built-up tension habits, feel better in mind and body, and greatly improve their performance.

In The Musician’s Jumpstart Program 30-day intensive, you’ll learn how to let go of pain, tension, and anxiety… and free your mind, body, and creative spirit with this powerful three-pronged approach:

? Self-Study:
You’ll get my 3-week Musician’s Jumpstart foundations course, where you’ll learn the principles of The Art of Freedom® Method and the Alexander Technique for excellent mind-body coordination. Practice what you learn for just a few minutes a day, and positive results are guaranteed. (I even offer a 100% money-back guarantee because this WORKS.)

? Live group classes & active community:
Belong to an amazing international community and learn along with other musicians working on the same things you are. Masterclasses include personalized instruction. Video tutorial archives are also included with membership.

? Private Coaching:
Enjoy private coaching with me. I’ll help you apply and adapt what you’re learning to your instrument, unique situation and playing style for maximum benefit with the least amount of effort.

If you’re ready to learn how to enjoy passionate musical expressivity ? without excess muscular tension, and you want to know how to skyrocket your musical skills with effortless ease… message me today for more information about The Musician’s Jumpstart Program.

I’m offering some special bonuses for students who get started in February, so make sure to message me so you don’t miss out! You can contact me here or send an email to Jennifer@ArtofFreedom.me.

With Love & Enthusiasm,

p.s. Does anything I’ve written here resonate with you? Send me an email at Jennifer@ArtofFreedom.me with your thoughts! I look forward to hearing from you!


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