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March 22, 2022

I’ve just opened the doors for my NEW 30-day Violin ‘Tension-Tamer’ edition of The Musician’s Advantage Jumpstart, starting April 3rd!


This breakthrough, holistic program is for violinists and violists who know they tend to bring too much tension to their playing, but haven’t been able to let go of it and get to the root of the problem – even though they’ve already tried anything from meditation and yoga to deep breathing exercises and therapy.


Nothing has really worked, simply because there isn’t any other program out there that links it all together – your mind, body, and emotions – with how you actually play the violin.


This program is totally different from everything else because it’s truly holistic, AND… it’s taught by:


an expert in mind-body skills (I’m a double-certified Alexander Technique teacher with 6+ additional years of specialized training to teach without touch)


a highly skilled and successful professional violinist (I’ve performed as soloist at Carnegie Hall and with orchestras like the Pittsburgh and Berlin Symphony Orchestras, won international competitions, and studied with Nathan Milstein and Josef Gingold… you can find my music on Spotify, YouTube, etc.)


a lifelong meditator who cares deeply about the meaning of life and music, and who truly loves helping musicians heal and teach themselves from the inside out


In the Violin Tension-Tamer (VTT) program, you’ll learn my unique holistic approach called The Art of Freedom® Method for conscious living and masterful artistry, which will teach you the essential mind-body skills EVERY musician needs in order to live and play with mindful, effortless ease, freedom, and confidence.


You will learn how to recognize and interrupt the extremely subtle mental and physical habits that result in excess tension when you play which can produce pain and cause injuries, slow down healing, get in the way of your technical facility, exacerbate performance anxiety, and eat away at your self-esteem.


Imagine what a difference it could make in your musical life (and how much more you could help your students!) to have consistently effective tools to let go of tension, feel better in your whole self, and make better music!


In the 30-day Violin Tension-Tamer program, you’ll get:


One private coaching session so I can help you personally with your unique situation


3-week TMA Jumpstart self-study course for a solid understanding of how the mind-body system works, and how to practice the Primal Alexander Awareness Etudes. With just a few minutes of daily practice, you will start noticing significant changes from DAY 1!


3 live group classes, so you can get all of your questions answered by me, and learn along with an amazing group of heart-centered, passionate violinists working on similar issues to yours. Everything is recorded, so scheduling and time zone conflicts are never a problem.


Private Facebook community, for extra teaching and powerful support in between live sessions


You are guaranteed to learn and notice a real reduction in your tension levels by the end of this program (actually, most people notice real changes within the first 1-7 days!), and you will have the exact tools and skills you need to continue to improve in the ways I’ve described above. 

The TMA Jumpstart program WORKS – which is why I also offer a 100% money-back guarantee!


This is the first time I’m offering a special edition of the Jumpstart for violinists, so don’t miss this. I don’t know when or if I’ll be offering this particular version of the Jumpstart again, and space will be limited to a small group for the best learning experience.


So, comment below if you’re interested and I can send you details so we can determine whether this program is a good fit for you.


I look forward to hearing from you very soon!





p.s. I’m currently offering TWO BONUS WEEKS and TONS of great extra bonuses, valued at $800!!! 


The Early-bird bonuses expire THIS FRIDAY, so don’t procrastinate! Just send me a message right now and say something like, “Hi, Jennifer, tell me more about VTT!” 🙂


* The picture below is of me performing at Carnegie Hall – barefoot. A daring dream come true!*




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