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February 17, 2021

“My playing has changed in ways that I only dreamed were possible.
Those magical times when everything just clicks happen much more often now!” – T.

When T. came to work with me, he was so discouraged about his playing.

He was feeling really down on himself and seriously doubting his possibilities for success with his musical dream career. ? ?

Things hadn’t always been this hard for him. He was already a phenomenal musician as a kid and teenager, winning competitions and performing as a soloist with orchestras.

He had recordings on the internet, and praise was abundant. ??

Once he was out of music school and on his own, though, things weren’t so easy anymore. As the years went by, he didn’t get much support and he wasn’t getting the kind of work he really wanted.

Slowly, T. started to lose faith in his ability to succeed.

? And his body started to hurt. ??

Deep down, he knew he had the potential to become a truly great artist – one of the very best – but his self-critical attitude, anxiety and perfectionism were crippling his ability to fully and easily express himself through his instrument.

Dramatic mood swings beyond his control didn’t help, either. ?

T. longed to play his instrument with total freedom in his body, depth of musical expression, and effortless technical facility. But he just wasn’t able to get past all the tiny technical imperfections and the fact that his performance never lived up to his ideals and high standards.

The more time passed, the more his dreams of becoming a professional soloist became buried under self-doubt, anxiety, and increasing pain in his body.

He had terrible jaw pain, and his back hurt while practicing. T. was still young, but he started to believe he was too old to “make it” as a soloist. ?

So, he settled for the odd freelance gig and taught a few music lessons from home. 

Unfortunately, even though he was clearly having a positive impact on his students, he felt like he didn’t really know what he was doing, so he lacked confidence as a teacher, as well.

He tried practicing harder. He took some lessons. He worked harder at his teaching and tried to build up his studio with limited success.

Everything seemed to backfire, and nothing he did ever seemed good enough. The worst thing was that giving up on his dreams was making him truly miserable – but he didn’t even realize that was the problem! ?? ☔️

One day, T. found my work teaching The Art of Freedom® Method online, and his curiosity was piqued. He contacted me, and I started teaching him about how the mind and the body work together for optimal mind-body functioning and effortless, masterful artistry.

Jennifer Roig-Francoli, coachBy taking him step-by-step through the holistic principles and application of The Art of Freedom®, Alexander Technique, and my 5 Life-Pillars (purpose, mind, body, creative Spirit, and artistry), he learned how to…

?…open up to new possibilities, re-awaken his creativity, and feel motivated again;

?…release physical tension, feel better and heal his body while improving his technique;

?…how to manage his emotions in a healthier, less reactive way, while channeling emotional energy into his music with depth of expression and flow;

?…look beyond mistakes and imperfect sounds to appreciate the raw beauty of spontaneous inspiration;

?…put his music-making into the context of his whole life to achieve better mental and physical health, a more balanced way of living, and a more successful career.

? Perhaps most importantly, T. learned how to get back in touch with his own love of learning, practice, and the joy of making music for himself. ❤️

He also started collaborating with different musicians and experimenting with new genres and types of performances, regardless of what the rest of the world might think.

? OH! – and his pain disappeared completely. ?

When T. completed his studies with me, he was so enthusiastic and inspired by what he’d learned that he began incorporating these methods into his own teaching. He was thrilled to find his own students improving faster and more easily, too, free of pain and stress. ⚡️??


✅ Of course, T. continues to practice a few minutes of the Awareness Etudes he learned from me every day as a warm-up, and whenever he wants to relax or get energized. So he continues to improve in every area of his life and music-making on his own.

✅ And… he knows exactly what he needs to do to make REAL progress towards his dreams – whether that means becoming a professional soloist down the road, or simply continuing to enjoy his daily adventures and share his discoveries with his students. Now he knows he’s making an incredibly powerful and positive impact on their lives, and that is deeply fulfilling. ?

If you want to have the kind of experiences T. had, which he described as ✨“magical” ✨ , just send me a message  at Jennifer@ArtofFreedom.me and we can chat about how you can learn The Art of Freedom® Method, too.

Whether you’re struggling with physical pain or you just feel stuck in your life or your music-making, you’ve got nothing to lose by contacting me… and you can’t even imagine how much you will gain when you witness your dreams becoming reality!

With Love & Enthusiasm,

p.s. Does anything I’ve written here resonate with you? Send me an email at Jennifer@Artof Freedom.me with your thoughts! I look forward to hearing from you!


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