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December 11, 2015
alexander technique teacher music
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A few years ago, I wrote a blogpost on my old Alexander Technique blog. I think of it often, so I'm going to copy it for you here. I hope you enjoy it.



One Simple Thought-Drop

One thought at a time is enough
One simple thought, simply thought, is most effective

Aware of thinking
I can choose my thought

I wish my mind to be still and clear
So that I can simply think one simple thought most effectively

Aware of a jumble of thoughts in my body-mind
Like a turbulent lake tossed about by a stormy wind

I am the lake, I am the wind, I am the turbulence
Now I stop the jumble

I think one simple thought at a time, each of the above

One after another
All together

The waves slowly stop their tossing and turning about
And the lake becomes calmer, calmer

I am not sending more thought-waves, just this one
And the lake-mind-body becomes still

One thought-drop at a time, dropped into the calm lake
Sends orderly ripples to all sides of the lake

Slowly, the ripples of this one, simple thought
Reach every corner of my body-mind

This is true con-centration
One simple thought sending circular ripples in all directions

Ordering the universe of my being, which lies at the center of the Universe
Because Infinitude extends out from my center in every direction

I become organized
Around One Simple Thought

Dropped into the silent stillness
Of Infinite Being


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  1. Indeed beautiful. During the training, on time trying to explain myself to my moderator I described My Alexander experience as “gentle thinking”.
    You remember to me this kind of gentle thinking. Thank you!

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