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October 6, 2014

JRF on boatAs a human being, and as a musician, there have been countless moments in my life when something magical has happened, and I believe I have been moved by Inspiration.

In those moments, I have disappeared, and I have become aware of Something Greater living and working through me.  This Something Greater is who I truly am (and am not)… this awareness is my True Self.  These moments have been magical, because in these moments I have been free to be as true to my Self as I have ever been.  I remember:

–        Sitting alone in the woods by a stream as a child, far from home, listening to the water and seeing the sunlight playing on the surface.  My friends were playing somewhere else, but I chose to be quietly alone with Nature.

–        Climbing and sitting in cherry trees after school, enjoying the blossoms all around me

–        Lying alone on the grass in a quiet graveyard, reading books or writing, until a concerned adult told me this was not safe and I believed him

–        Playing my violin in evening darkness, letting the tears stream down my face with feeling

–        As an adult, performing in the finals of an audition I won, later told by one of the members of the jury that he forgot he was listening to an audition because I brought him inside of the essence of the music

–        Making music for the security guards at an airport, looking deeply into the eyes of my listeners, touching their hearts and souls with mine, to see what would happen… wondering what was possible

–        Laughing and playing my violin with slightly bent knees to avoid having my bow-tip hit the ceiling of the airplane we were flying in at 30,000 feet

–        Welcoming an audience from the stage to participate in my husband’s 60th-birthday celebration concert as if it were something new – a birthday party of sorts instead of a typical concert, expressing deep gratitude for the presence of each person there

–        Using my voice fearlessly to communicate with hundreds

–        Skipping down a Swiss mountainside and falling into the grass, communing with every flower, cloud, insect, and breeze

–        Playing the violin to the Beloved – through red earth, green hills, sea, and sun – in Spain

–        Looking deeply into each member of my family, my friends, my students, to See who they are, while remaining exactly who I am; and realizing that in essence we are the same –  we are One, not separate

20131025_191024 These are just a few of the many, many special moments that stand out from my life, when I have been aware of being in the fullness of who I am, as much as possible in that given moment.

Moments like these are available to each of us in every single moment of our lives, but usually we are not conscious of them.

Even as these moments have been precious gifts, I am also proud of them somehow, because I know that I played an active role in seeking them out, choosing consciously to allow them to happen.  And as I became aware of them, I was somehow able to let go and disappear, watching Life live Itself freely and beautifully through me.

I call these moments of Inspiration.  Sometimes I am aware of Inspiration when I’m alone, and sometimes when I’m with others.  Sometimes it comes in beautiful places, but sometimes my surroundings are very ordinary. But no matter where I am or who I’m with, Inspiration happens. I believe that Inspiration comes all the time and is always accessible; but am I aware of this all the time? No, I am not. However, I am learning to recognize and desire it more and more, because I know with certitude that this awareness is what gives my life its greatest meaning and joy.

Awareness leads to more awareness.  I live for moments like these; moments when I am aware of the Inspiration that is my True Self….  when suddenly time is altered and I become fully alert, eyes lively and heart warm… and I feel that Something Greater is communicating and expressing Itself through who I am.

I am beginning to realize that sharing this awareness of Inspiration, sharing my True Self, is why am here.  This is why I was born.  This is what I am alive on earth to do.  I am here to realize my True Self and to share This with you; so that you can also come to realize that YOU, too, are called and inspired to be your True Self, and to share the essence of who you are with others. Music is one of many tools we can use to this end.  It is a powerful one, and I love it – so I use it.  I wish to teach you how to use it well, too, if you are open to exploring this in your life.

So, now I ask you: Would you like to join me on this Journey?  I know of no journey more beautiful than this one:  a life lived freely, with awareness and realization of Self, flavored by Nature, music….. and Love.

To realize the freedom of the Self, moment by moment; to live inspired and to inspire others to do the same. This is my Life. This is The Art of Freedom.

To live this and share this is my Vision.

The Swiss Alps are alive...
The Swiss Alps are alive…


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