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August 15, 2020

My mind is officially BOGGLED!! ?????????

Here's why…

Steep Learning Curve!

Some of you know I'm working on a solo violin recording project. I've been practicing more than I have in 30 years, working up some challenging repertoire that I LOVE.

The project is my 50th b'day present to myself – one of the only things on my “bucket list” (if I had one).

My home studio is now pretty much ready to go, geared up as a recording studio, so it's time to learn the recording software, since I'll be doing this alone – with my producer and engineer helping me through the recording process remotely (from Cleveland and Virginia).

Recording will be happening within the next couple months, before my producer gets snatched up by the Cleveland Orchestra, to do 20 weeks of recording for them (happy to be in good company!).

Just got off of zoom with Fett, engineer ‘extraordinaire' who gave me an in-depth 2-hour tutorial on Logic ProX. The learning curve is STEEEEEEEP!! But I am determined, and as much as I wanted to freak out, I didn't. Kept reminding myself, “I can learn this! This is FUN!” 

I need to review everything before I go to bed tonight and again tomorrow morning to make sure I remember everything!!

Time for dinner and a glass of wine first!


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