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November 27, 2020

Does being online make you want to tear your hair out?

As a musician, it can feel really frustrating these days because you’re used to playing or teaching in-person and being able to just connect with people in the same room where you can feel that energy. You can’t experience that now…so you have to learn how to make the best of it and actually enjoy being online.

In Tuesday’s live video, I discussed how to get over your frustration of being online so much as a musician.

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Usually, we think of technology as the “enemy” because we feel worse after using it – but it doesn’t have to be that way…it’s how you use your mind, body, and whole self in any given activity that makes all the difference in the world to your experience and your success.

I coach musicians to apply the 5 Pillars of The Art of Freedom® Method which you can use to help you feel better after getting up from the computer than you did before sitting down.

  • Purpose: As a musician, educator, or performer.. you have to REALLY connect with your purpose – you have to know what you’re doing and why you want to do it. Otherwise, you’re just not going to accept that you have to do so much online now. That’s when the computer seems to become the enemy. If you can connect to your purpose as soon as you wake up in the morning, and know why you’re doing what you’re doing, you will be SO grateful that you have the technology to do it – and you might even be excited to learn new ways to use it!
  • Mind: You have to take care of your mindset. You need to realize that the computer is your friend and that it’s there at your disposal to use as you wish. Are you going to learn how to use it well? Are you going to pay attention to what you’re doing as you’re doing it so you don’t get stressed out? You have to change your attitude and mindset to be able to do this.
  • Body: It IS possible to sit at the computer and feel free without straining your eyes. It IS possible to sit in a way that’s comfortable, aligned and balanced. You can feel free and spontaneous in your body so that your energy is alive…even when you’re sitting there for hours a day. You can feel vibrant and healthy and build up your endurance, just like you do for long rehearsals. But you need to know HOW to do these things, and must of us just don’t have the knowledge or training to be consciously free and at ease in our bodies, regardless of the activity we’re engaged in.
  • Spirit: Are you bringing your creative spirit into your interactions online? Are you also bringing your joy and heart full of love into your teaching or performances? If you are, you aren’t going to get frustrated. We are so focused on what we’ve lost and what we can’t do, that we aren’t taking full advantage of the amazing potential of being able to perform or teach online. We are SO lucky that we can do this and that the technology exists for us to do so! How will you be inspired to use it today?
  • Artistry: Have you ever considered that learning how to use technology and bringing your creative spirit, love, joy, and purpose to what you are doing online could be considered an art? You can turn anything into art. You can make your whole life art, even if you’re online. However, human beings weren’t designed to do this naturally, so we have to learn how to do this.

? BONUS – 5 Super Practical Tips for Sitting and Working at the Computer with More Ease ?

  1. Pause and connect to your purpose before you begin
  2. Let your eyes be free, movable, and receptive
  3. Use a chair with a flat seat, and sit at the very edge or the very back; let the backrest support you
  4. Take lots of breaks to reconnect to your purpose, rest, and move
  5. Learn TheCyCle™ – Sign up for the FREE 5-day Cycle Warmup Challenge!

Contact me at Jennifer@ArtofFreedom.me if you’re ready to enjoy a healthy and balanced life and an abundantly successful career as a musician, while making a real difference in the world – even during the worst time for musicians in recorded history!

With Love & Enthusiasm,
Jennifer xo

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