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May 22, 2014

There is such a thing as a Perfection Reflex.

stars galaxy

 in an instant, a flash

magic happens
when suddenly
I am reminded within myself

from inside to inside
of what I know:
I am free
and yes, you are free

none of us is bound
except by illusion

but when I remember this Truth
the illusion of not-free disappears

and something magical and wonderful happens
the breath breathes
and the smile smiles this face

and I am aware that the music of the spheres plays itself
through all creatures

In Alexander Technique, we frequently refer to the “Righting Reflex” – the coordinated system of reflexes that keeps us upright and vertically-oriented, giving us support from within the deep postural muscles and other related systems.  We also speak of the “Primary Control” – the dynamic relationship between head, neck, and torso (and the rest of the body).

But what good does it do us, ultimately, to know about these wonderful things, if at the same time we forget about the soulful depth of the heart, and our true purpose here on earth?  What good does it do us to have an upright body, if our souls never rise above our heads, shining out through our limbs into the activities we engage in, such as making music for the world to hear?

Where is your soul headed, anyway?  Do you have any idea?  Do you have a wish or a desire?  Do you even believe you have a soul – and what is it, anyway?  If you don’t believe in it, you might substitute the word “imagination” and I do believe you wouldn’t be too far off.  Or use the word “heart” if you prefer… I don’t know anyone who doesn’t want to put their heart into what they do…especially into their art…

You definitely cannot be a great musician without a substantial awareness of these things.  There’s just no way around it.  If you want your music to be beautiful and meaningful, and to move you and your audience, then your music must be soulful.  And for that to happen, YOU must be soulful first…full of soul…full of awareness of the depths of who you are.

When was the last time you thought about your true purpose here on earth?  Is it clear to you, or is this a murky question that you prefer to avert your inner eyes from and ignore?  Is it one of those questions you don’t ask because you don’t think we can ever know the answer to it?

The truth is that there are many answers to the question, “Why am I here?”  In fact, I think there are infinite answers.  And maybe your answer will change from year to year as you age, from hour to hour, or even moment to moment, as you continue to ask it.  What matters most is that you ask the question.  Again and again, throughout your entire life.  Don’t shy away from it.  It is possible that the best and truest answer lies in the sincere and earnest asking of the question.

If you don’t ask the question (and so many more…) and ponder this mystery, you won’t really understand the deepest reason why you’re making music in the first place.  And the expression of your music (which is an honest reflection of YOU) will always fall short of fulfilling your potential.

So start wondering!  And put that wonder into your music.  THAT’s the way to perfection.

And when you think it’s not working and you start to feel frustrated or confused, just take a moment and give up, loosen up, lighten up, and let go.

That’s when you open up to the possibility of a magical moment… a flash of an instant….a sudden breath of freedom like a cool breeze waking you up… that sometimes reveals itself when you give up trying to control your perfection….and, instead, you LIVE it.

When you give up freely (give – GIVE – as in generosity of self; and UP – not collapsing down – big difference!), that’s when the Perfection Reflex kicks in.  That’s when your perfect Self reveals itself through your body-mind-person, likely joined by the Righting Reflex and Primary Control, and suddenly you are connecting to your true Being and being That in this flash of an instant.  You might not feel it, but it’s something you can trust beyond a doubt.

I think this is a worthy purpose for a human soul……  What do you think?

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  1. The Source
    The lovely melody of a flute
    is found neither in the instrument
    nor in the player’s fingers.
    You might say it comes from the composer’s heart,

    but if you opened his heart
    you would find no melody.
    Where, then, is the source?
    It is beyond–in the supreme cosmic Energy

    which the ego will never know.
    Only if you act from your heart
    will you know life’s divine power.

    Sri Mata Amrit-ananda-mayi (Amma)

    1. Dear Miguel,
      Thank you for sharing that beautiful writing from Amma, which is so meaningful. I love it!

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