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October 28, 2017

It never ceases to amaze me how my musical skill can improve by itself – even after a month away from the violin – simply because of time spent improving my mind-body connection with the Alexander Technique.

I think I’ve touched my modern violin for about 5-10 minutes during the last 6 weeks, after performing on the baroque violin with the Indianapolis Baroque Orchestra at the end of September. (I haven’t touched the baroque violin since then, either.)

AT is amazing. I’m going to start practicing the modern violin again daily now, and I’m really curious to see what’s possible when I actually apply the Technique directly to improve my music-making again!

p.s. A couple of friends have commented on my serious expression and lack of a smile in this video. I’m ok with that… I wasn’t in a great mood. But I was determined to do good work anyway – so I did. I really believe that how we feel in a given moment is not as important as what we are doing with our thinking in carrying out our positive intentions.

However, I do understand how much a smile can add to a performance – even a little bit goes a long way! This, however, wasn’t a performance – it was just a little bit of a practice session I felt like sharing. I hope you enjoy it! 🙂

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