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Musical Performance and Keynote Speaking

Are you looking for:

  • A unique offering that will attract and stimulate audiences, giving them a moving and sensual experience of masterful artistry?
  • A speaker with a proven track record who can guarantee a performance that will draw an audience who is excited about what you have to offer?
  • A performance that leaves your audience wowed, uplifted, and inspired?

My unique performance will leave your audience feeling enlightened, invigorated, and above all, wanting more!

Hi, I’m Jennifer Roig-Francolí! I’m a prize-winning musician, certified Alexander Technique teacher, and inspirational coach with the ability to pinpoint the root causes of physical and emotional discomfort. I teach musicians a simple step-by-step process to heal and reach their next level of personal and professional success. I call this five-pillared process The Art of Freedom® Method.

What I do as a speaker and teacher is unique: I inspire the audience by speaking on topics with deep meaning and of universal interest. And I give them a world-class musical experience that is designed to heal and transport both performer and listener—healing the world in the process.

This is not just another spoken presentation, and it’s not just another classical violin concert.

Instead, it presents a unique offering that makes explicit the process of inspiration and true artistry, shared through words and music. This process-oriented event includes everyone present, through simple, practical experiences and enlightening discussion, in addition to otherworldly musical performances.

It can be presented in a lecture and demonstration format plus concert, or as a unique, all-inclusive event.

I love to share about The Art of Freedom, as well as my understanding of what inspiration is, how it works for artists, and what constitutes true artistic mastery from a holistic perspective that explores the unity of mind, body, soul, and Spirit.

Regardless of the audience’s belief systems, everyone present will have the opportunity to let go of mindlessness, negative thinking, anxiety, fear, stress, and anything else that might interfere with a rich and healing artistic experience.

Listeners are often moved to tears by Jennifer's performances, and typically report feeling uplifted by her authentic, vulnerable self-expression.

Jennifer Roig-Francoli’s playing is deep and rich, with a beautiful combination of poise, virtuosity, and heartfelt emotion.”

David Greenberg

Baroque violinist and Cape Breton-style fiddler

She has a passionate fire within.

Violinist Yehudi Menuhin

Judge for the Julius Stulberg Competition

Jennifer is the possessor of a sterling character, and I admire her conviction!

Violinist Josef Gingold

Professor Emeritus at Indiana University

She has the possibility of major career.

Conductor Dennis Russell Davies

Judge for the Y Music Society’s Passamaneck Award

Would you like to book me for a unique, life- and world-changing experience?

Want an idea of my style and what’s possible?

Hear my solo performances:

Meditation from Thais, Jules Massenet
Performance with the Westmoreland Symphony, PA

“Brilliant! It’s so individual and out of the box.”

Stephen Collins, Artistic Director of St. Cecilia’s Conservatory, Ontario, Canada

Czardas, by Monti
Performance with the Ibiza Symphony Orchestra

Beautiful Dances, from Bach’s Partita No. 3 for Solo Baroque Violin