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December 19, 2020

We are living in strange times… sometimes even surreal.

My online Alexander Musicians class was certainly surreal today, as we began by sharing an unusual number of recent experiences in need of grieving, processing, and healing.

One powerful way that we process and heal our emotions as musicians is, naturally, to make music. The best music – the most inspired and uplifting art – arises spontaneously when we allow ourselves to feel the true depth of our feelings, while transforming those feelings into awe-some, flowing creations.

I had the good fortune to be asked to do a virtual collaboration – my first – a couple weeks ago, which would be part of a very special online concert, dedicated to global healing. The entire event will be up on YouTube soon for public viewing.
For now, you can watch my portion of the concert here on YouTube.

Coaching for Musicians

In this video, I perform Spiegel im Spiegel (“Mirror in Mirror”) by Arvo Part with my dear old friend from college, Paco Alvarez Diaz, who invited me to play this with him on this concert.

It turned out to be an incredibly powerful experience for me, and for everyone involved in the concert.

In fact, it turned out to be unexpectedly timely and moving for me personally, because the live-streamed concert took place yesterday – and my father is currently in the hospital, recovering from heart surgery. (He is still in the ICU today, but doing better – thank you for sending your positive healing wishes his way!)

In addition…

All of us continue to be affected by the pandemic. Covid deaths are at record highs around the world, and more of us are being personally affected by the illness or by knowing people close to us who are suffering – or even dying – from the disease.

I have several big wishes right now, as you listen to the music Paco and I recorded. I wish for…

– Healing for my father
– Healing for you
– Healing for those close to you
– Healing for everyone affected by covid-19
– Healing for everyone who is suffering
– Healing for the environment and the whole world

I hope you will enjoy this very special music. Please share it with anyone you think could benefit from hearing it. Thank you.

With Love,
Jenniferp.s. If you're a musician and you yearn to feel more deeply connected to the emotions in the music you play, so that you can consistently access inspired Flow…

…and if you want to learn how to heal yourself and your listeners while enjoying the experience with your whole self…. reply to this email so we can talk about how you can learn how to do this. The world needs you.


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