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June 14, 2024

To make great music requires much more than excellent technique.

I recently had to turn off the radio after listening to just a few phrases performed by a well-known contemporary violinist because their sound and interpretation were so harsh and ugly to my ears.
In theory, “good technique produces good sound”; but in reality, it's more subtle than that.

A musician's sound (what they produce through a musical instrument at any given point in time) reflects their current state of being, which includes their mental, physical and emotional state.

A person who is in a state of dis-ease (for example, full of anger, resentment, bitterness, impatience, etc.) may have spent a lifetime perfecting their instrumental technique and performing at the highest levels worldwide, but their sound will betray that inner state if they aren't able to rise above that and truly become an “empty vessel” or conduit for the music to speak through them in the moment.

A performer can have excellent technique and know perfectly well how to produce a good sound – and even do that frequently – and yet but be unable – or unwilling – to use it at a given point in time, for reasons (often unconscious) that go deeper than their instrumental technique.

In fact, the quality of our instrumental technique is dependent on the quality of how we use the whole mind-body-self, which is our Primary Instrument.

This is what makes music so challenging. It's impossible to hide who you are in the moment you express yourself through sound.

The good news is that it's possible even for a beginner to make great music with ease once this is understood – and it's remarkably quick and easy to learn. I know this because I've taught hundreds of musicians the precise holistic skills they need to get out of their own way, let go, and let the music do itself.

Message me if you're curious and want to learn more. I love teaching people how to be themselves, express themselves, and make great music with ease. šŸ™‚


Alexander Technique, The Musician's Advantage

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