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March 5, 2014

feetJust curious about your feet.  Yes, your feet!

What do you do with your feet when you perform?  Have you ever thought about it?

What about when you practice?  Do you include your feet in your awareness when you’re using your instrument? When you’re singing?


How about right now?  Were you aware of your feet before I asked?

Oh! Hello, Feet! 🙂

How do you feel about your feet?  I  hope you like them, or at least that you’re glad you have them! Do you think they have anything to do with your music-making?

Well, they DO.  They’re a part of you, aren’t they?

Your best music comes from ALL of you.  And that includes your feet.

Step #1: Start paying attention to your feet.  Now. In 10 minutes.  When you practice. When you’re brushing your teeth.  When you’re walking.  When you’re onstage performing.  Yes, all the time. They’re wonderful, those feet!  They support you all day long.  It’s time to give them some attention.

I want you to start loving your feet.  Yes, I’m serious!

Hello again, Feet!

Thank you, Feet.

This might seem like a rather silly post (it is! 🙂 ) , but it’s also very serious.  You can’t just ignore your feet!  They are what connects you to the ground.  The ground is what gives you support when you’re making your music.  The depth of your sound comes from the depths of your heart, of course — and also from the ground.  Have you ever thought about the ground being the ground of your sound before?

You absolutely must be connected with the ground to get your best sound, no doubt about it whatsoever.  And musicians are notorious for NOT paying attention to their feet when playing – in fact, we’re usually not aware of much of our bodies from the chest down.

Music is not a mental activity.  It is a WHOLE-PERSON activity.  And that includes your feet!

Quick!  Are you aware of your feet right now?  Practice, practice, practice….

I promise you that if you pay attention to your feet whenever you play your instrument and make that a regular practice, your sound will improve.  Guaranteed.

Try it out.  Track your attention.  Try paying attention to your feet on the ground while you play every day for a month.  Then let me know what happened.

I’m curious.

Aren’t you?

Oh, and Step #2: laugh!  It’s good for your soul, and therefore good for your music.  And your feet. 🙂



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