Expect to be inspired! Rekindle joy in your music and your life!

‘Make Great Music with Ease!’ is a transformative guide brimming with inspiring stories and practical tools that empower you to find better balance and express yourself with skillful mastery, confidence, and joy.

The book provides deep insight and lasting solutions to the challenges musicians face, including pain, performance nerves, and emotional stress.

The author shares her personal journey as an accomplished violinist and as an Alexander Technique teacher specializing in touch-free teaching. She presents case studies from her coaching practice illustrating how unifying the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of being a musician with mindful awareness can lead to greater freedom and success in both music and life.

At the heart of the book is The Art of Freedom® Method, her comprehensive system integrating Alexander Technique principles with her own experience in performance, meditation, and personal development. The innovative explorations and daily Awareness Etudes introduced in this book will enable you to release tension, improve your musical technique and practice skills, and play with inspired flow.

‘Make Great Music with Ease!’ challenges you to wake up your curiosity and access your inner wisdom so you can create music with your whole self while making a positive impact in the world."

"The impact of this captivating book is profound, granting readers the opportunity to create better music and embrace life to the fullest by tapping into their inner wisdom and finding a natural state of ease within. Having collaborated with exceptional musicians worldwide, I can vouch for the universality of the challenges musicians face, as presented in this book. This book deserves a cherished spot in every musician’s library."

Karen Kamensek, Grammy Award-winning Conductor

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