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November 7, 2014

hugging violinI am appreciating my instrument more and more with every passing day.

So subtle and sensitive, sometimes I think it might even be alive… 😉

What an excellent friend!

It reflects my every mood, my every subtle nuance of feeling, every slightest bit of tension or weakness.  And it never complains, judges, or criticizes; it just reflects back to me whatever I give it.

If I’m feeling tense, the sound will reflect that.

If I’m feeling open, the sound will reflect that.

Angry? Sad? Nostalgic? Determined? Confident? Yes, it’s all reflected by the sound of my instrument.

These days, I am finding refuge in my violin, and it is such a comfort.

In difficulty, when my mind is preoccupied with this worry and that hopeless thought, I can count on my violin to silence my thoughts.  My mind is re-directed, as my attention is drawn to the activity of playing my violin.  Bach fills my mind and body, from head to toe, spine to fingertips. Almost immediately, the negativity of past thinking is washed away… it disappears… and I remember immediately to send the sound UP.

Up, up, and all in good time.  No rushing, just living in the beautiful moment of each measured note, following the phrases up and down, rejoicing in the rhythmic patterns that regulate my mood, my breath, bringing comfort to my heart and the urge to dance to my soul.

My violin is my beloved friend, my companion, my teacher, my partner.

It doesn’t discourage me, it just listens and responds, and speaks the sounds that I hear inside me. My violin is my voice without words, two more limbs along with my bow.

My violin is a part of me, yet separate.  We sing together, cry together, dance together, feel together.

And always, we respect each other.

I am full of gratitude for my instruments – violin and bow – and full of a deep, heartfelt, full-bodied LOVE.

Yes, I am in love these days…

Happy.  🙂

How is your relationship with YOUR instrument these days??  I’d love to hear about how you relate to your instrument.


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